Where is The Peripheral Filmed? All Filming Locations

Image Credit: Sophie Mutevelian/Prime Video

Based on William Gibson’s 2014 eponymous novel, Amazon Prime’s ‘The Peripheral’ is a science fiction thriller series created by Scott Smith that is set in the future. It revolves around a young woman named Flynne Fisher, whose only escape from her stressful life in a small Appalachian town is playing video games. When she tries out a new VR game system, she gets connected to an alternate reality that takes her 70 years into the future.

Although the alternate reality brings Flynne closer to all her dreams of finding a purpose, love, and glamour, it also puts her and her loved ones in real danger, as what happens in the game seems to affect the players in real life as well. While the action-packed narrative keeps the viewers invested in the series through each episode, the futuristic setting of an alternate reality makes one wonder where ‘The Peripheral’ is shot. If you are riding the same boat of curiosity, allow us to provide you with the details about the same!

The Peripheral Filming Locations

‘The Peripheral’ is filmed in England and North Carolina, specifically in London, Madison County, Buncombe County, Burnsville, and Sylva. The principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the Chloë Grace Moretz-starrer reportedly commenced in early May 2021 and wrapped up in November of the same year.

Since the series is partly set in the fictional mountain town of Clanton in North Carolina, the makers utilize numerous real cities and towns to create the backdrop of the science fiction series. Now, let’s not waste any time and follow Flynne as she travels to the future and learn all about the specific sites that appear in the Amazon Prime show!

London, England

Several key scenes of ‘The Peripheral,’ especially the ones set in futuristic London, are lensed in London, the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom. Located on River Thames, London is considered one of the world’s major global cities as it significantly influences art, fashion, entertainment, education, healthcare, and many more sectors. Over the years, it has hosted the production of several movies and TV shows, such as ‘See How They Run,’ ‘The Batman,’ ‘Ted Lasso,’ and ‘The Crown.’

Madison County, North Carolina

Many pivotal sequences for ‘The Peripheral’ are taped across Madison County, situated deep in the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina. In particular, the team sets up camp in and around the town of Marshall for shooting the series. While The Depot at 282 South Main Street is turned into a bar named Jimmy’s, The Bad Guy Hangout, the ReClaim Madison: Salvage & Thrift Store is converted into a 3D printing shop for the show.

Several other sites across Marshall were utilized to lens ‘The Peripheral’ season 1. They are Blannahassett Island, Marshall Town Hall at 180 South Main Street, Back Street, and Redmond Drive. Moreover, a music venue in the town serves as an important production location for the series.

Buncombe County, North Carolina

Additional portions for ‘The Peripheral’ are recorded in Buncombe County, a county classified within Western North Carolina. During the filming schedule of the debut season, the cast and crew members were spotted lensing several pivotal scenes all over the county in different areas.

The county seat of the county, Asheville, serves as one of the primary filming sites for the show, and many scenes are reportedly taped across the Blue Ridge Mountains. Furthermore, the locales of Weaverville and Black Mountain in Buncombe County are used to shoot several sequences.

Other Locations in North Carolina

The town of Burnsville in Yancey County, North Carolina, is another site where the filming of ‘The Peripheral’ takes place. As per reports, the team leased a sizeable commercial building between US 19 East and West Main Street in Burnsville during the production of season 1 for set storage. They set up camp in and around Banks Family Square Shopping Center near Fred’s at 677 West East US Highway 19E Bypass, which has permanently closed its doors. Besides that, a few sequences are recorded in Sylva, an incorporated town in central Jackson County.

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