The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance: Why Did Luis Shoot Nunzio?

The Italian comedy film, ‘The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance,’ presents a story filled with eccentric escapades of a family of four who attempt to save their matriarch— and her hefty bank balance— from the hands of a suspicious man. While Anna would have otherwise appreciated news that her mother, Giuliana, has found love, the same remains a difficult ordeal when the latter’s latest paramour turns out to be Anna’s no-good ex, Nunzio. Things worsen when Anna and her husband, Carlo, learn about Nunzio’s shady past, which can possibly endanger Giuliana’s current happy and healthy life.

Thus, in the interest of saving Giuliana’s life, and with the added benefit of securing their own plays at the family inheritance, Anna, her husband, and her kids decide to embark on a quest to neutralize “the Nunzio problem.” Therefore, everyone is in for a shock when, after days of Anna’s planned assassinations, it’s Luis, the villa gardener, who ends up shooting Nunzio in the end. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Nunzio’s Troubling Track Record

Although Anna has several reasons to wish Nunzio the worst— including his infidelity during their relationship in their youths— the woman only holds the man in contempt for the potential he holds in hurting her mother, Giuliana— the latter’s new fiancée. After learning about the unlikely couple’s relationship, Anna hires a private investigator to dig into Nunzio’s past. Where she and her husband, Carlo, expected to find surface-level blunders in the man’s past, they end up uncovering a much more sinister truth.

Nunzio turns out to be a formerly married man and a widower multiple times over. Each marriage has an unpleasant pattern. Each time, Nunzio married an older woman with considerable wealth, only for the woman to die shortly after their union. Since Anna knows about Giuliana’s decision to invest in Nunzio’s drowning theater, she knows her ex is aware of the older woman’s inheritance. Therefore, the natural conclusion remains that Giuliana is simply next in a long line of Nunzio’s victims.

Yet, given the fact that Nunzio has managed to evade the police in past investigations, Anna realizes the authorities won’t be able to help her. Furthermore, after her mother refuses to listen to her and Carlos’ reasonings, the daughter watches another door close. As such, she convinces herself she only has one possible solution: killing Nunzio herself. In turn, Anna’s family, including her middle-aged kids, Alessandra and Emilio, are equally concerned about Giuliana’s well-being. Even though their motives stem from a more opportunistic place, they agree to help Anna carry out the assassination on the vacation following the big wedding.

Consequently, Anna and her family arrive in Menorca with plans to carry out Nunzio’s covert execution. However, at the fancy villa Giuliana rents for the trip, Anna encounters a potential rock in her path: Luis and his wife, Patricia. Luis, the villa’s gardener/guard, and Patricia, the chef, are natural fixtures at the location. As a result, they pose as potential witnesses to Nunzio’s murder. Yet, the couple ends up becoming the reason for Nunzio’s unfortunate demise.

Luis’ Grievance With Nunzio

Even though Anna, Carlos, Alessandra, and Emilio’s mission to kill Nunzio comes across as senseless and irrational at times, laced with absurdist humor, the characters’ motivations remain clear. In contrast, Luis holds almost no connection to Emilio, rendering his actions on the night of the bachelorette party inscrutable. The same night, Anna and her family finally give up on their plans after the fourth failed attempt. Therefore, once they wake in the middle of the night to the sound of a gunshot, each individual is as confused as the other.

Outside, by the pool, Luis has shot Nunzio, snagging him on the leg. While the man lets out cries of pain on the ground, Luis is having an altercation with his wife in the distance. Even though the same isn’t explicitly stated, the reason behind the gardener’s actions becomes clear. Luis shoots Nunzio because the latter is having an affair with his wife, Patricia. Earlier in the story, Carlos accidentally catches a glimpse of Nunzio having sex with someone on a couch. Nevertheless, he mistakes the person for Anna— a claim his wife patently denies.

Although Carlos doesn’t realize it at the moment, he sees Patricia with Nunzio that night, eventually leading to the latter’s ultimate predicament. Even though Luis’ attack doesn’t kill Nunzio, it reveals his truth to Giuliana. Yet, rather than dumping the younger man, Giuliana decides to play with him further by giving her inheritance to Anna without informing Nunzio. Thus, in the end, Luis doesn’t kill Nunzio, but his actions ensure that the con artist becomes the victim of Giuliana’s con scheme.

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