The Righteous Gemstones Season 4 Begins Filming in Charleston Next Month

Image Credit: Ryan Green/ HBO

The Gemstones will begin preaching to the cameras soon! The fourth season of HBO’s black comedy series ‘The Righteous Gemstones’ will begin filming in Charleston, South Carolina, next month. The production will last until September this year. Danny McBride, who created the series, continues to lead the show’s writers’ room.

The third season concludes with a series of explosive events, leaving certain loose ends. The central conflict revolves around the Gemstone family’s feud with their distant relative, Peter Montgomery, who leads a radical fundamentalist group. After kidnapping Jesse, Judy, and Kelvin and demanding a ransom, Peter’s plans are thwarted when Eli refuses to pay. Ultimately, Jesse’s estranged son Gideon intervenes, leading to Peter’s defeat.

As the installment progresses towards its end, the Gemstone siblings assert their independence from their father, with Jesse committing to improving his family life and Kelvin grappling with his romantic feelings for his friend Keefe. Additionally, Gideon expresses his desire to join the ministry under Eli’s mentorship, signaling potential family dynamics and church leadership shifts.

The fourth season may revolve around Gideon’s journey into the ministry alongside his grandfather Eli, potentially causing friction with Jesse. Another significant arc may focus on Keefe and Kelvin’s burgeoning same-sex relationship, likely facing backlash from certain church members. Additionally, the aftermath of Peter’s redemptive act of removing explosives from the church raises questions about his future path, especially as his former associates continue to pose a threat. With the series known for its unpredictability, the fourth installment promises to deliver unexpected twists and turns as the Gemstone family navigates new challenges and conflicts.

The fourth season will likely feature McBride as Jesse Gemstone, Adam DeVine as Kelvin Gemstone, and Edi Patterson as Judy Gemstone. Joining them should be John Goodman as Eli Gemstone, Walton Goggins as Baby Billy Freeman, and Tony Cavalero as Keefe. Skyler Gisondo is expected to return as Gideon Gemstone, along with Cassidy Freeman as Amber Gemstone.

Additionally, Jennifer Nettles may return as Aimee-Leigh Gemstone, alongside Tim Baltz as BJ and Gregory Alan Williams as Martin. The returnees may include Kristen Johnston as May-May Montgomery, Steve Zahn as Peter, Lukas Haas as Chuck Montgomery, and Robert Oberst as Karl Montgomery.

Charleston, which has also provided the backdrop for previous seasons of the show, has recently hosted the shooting of productions like ‘Suncoast‘ and ‘The Late Game.’

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