The Royal Treatment Ending, Explained: Do Thomas and Izzy End Up Together?

Who hasn’t dreamt of their very own Prince Charming coming atop a noble steed to sweep them off their feet? After all, this conventional rom-com trope is etched into the minds of many, and though we may not want to admit it in a large crowd, some of us have imagined what it would be like to be a part of the ruling monarchy of a country. Well, ‘The Royal Treatment’ treads familiar ground and updates this narrative for the new generation.

When Izzy, a New York-based hairdresser, crosses paths with the Lavanian Prince, sparks don’t immediately fly in the air. But when she is hired to work for the royal wedding, the two get to see sides of each other they didn’t know existed. Amidst the lush fields of the castle and the ruggedness of the Uber de Gleise, the two realize their true feelings. But will Prince Thomas be able to forsake his duty for love? Well, we’re here with the answers. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Royal Treatment Plot Synopsis

Izzy is a hairdresser who loves her community and aspires to travel the world someday. In order to do so, she works at her mother’s salon. One day, Prince Thomas, while visiting the Big Apple, tells his valet Walter to book a haircut for him. Fate has its own plans, and instead of calling Belle, a major salon in the city, Walter ends up getting in touch with Izzy, who agrees to cut the prince’s hair for $500. But when Thomas fails to stand up for a hotel staff member, Izzy storms off. To make up for his abysmal behavior, he visits Izzy at the salon, and that sparks off a friendship between the two.

Consequently, when there is no big hairstylist available for the royal wedding, Walter suggests bringing Izzy and her crew on board. This leads to them traveling to the Prince’s hometown – Lavania. Thomas and Izzy spend more time together, and even Lauren, Thomas’ fiancée, feels unready for marriage. But Lauren’s rich father is investing heavily in the country, and the King and Catherine don’t want to let go of this opportunity. Will Thomas rise to the occasion as a royal or will he follow his heart’s true desire?

The Royal Treatment Ending: Do Thomas and Izzy End Up Together?

When Ruth LaMott leaks the photos of Thomas and Izzy casually flirting with each other to the press, the Lavanian monarchs do damage control and tell Walter to fire Izzy immediately. Even though both Lauren and Thomas are hesitant about going through with the marriage, Thomas’ parents tell him how they are almost bankrupt, and that the LaMotts’ money is necessary to save the monarchy. So he decides to put aside his own feelings and do what is right for his country.

However, as Thomas is getting ready for his big day, Walter tells Thomas about a man that the personal valet once loved: Richard. Walter recalls how, as a boy from a small village who accomplished things no one could have imagined, Walter had to give up on Richard and their love. But, upon having received all the material comforts of the world, Walter feels like it was all for naught as he had no one to share it with. He urges Thomas to not make the same mistake, especially since his parents are adults who will find a way out of the mess that they created for themselves.

Meanwhile, back in New York, Izzy finally tells her mother that she no longer wishes to be a hairdresser and will instead work as the director for the local community center, something her mother is not on board with but understands nonetheless. At this point, as Izzy steps out on the balcony, she sees her knight in shining armor on a horse, akin to the memory of her father that she shared with Thomas. As he professes his love for her in Italian, her loved ones show their excitement at the two pairing up. They then ride off together to go get some gelato.

So, it becomes evident by the end of the film that Izzy and Thomas are, indeed, together. Thomas’ grand romantic gesture speaks volumes about his love for Izzy and, in an ironic manner, she also gains the courage to follow what her heart desires – which is to look after the local children via the community center – only after she loses the gig in Lavania. It is also clear that the two are not simply compromising to make others around them happy, which is exactly what Thomas and Lauren would have done had they gone through with their marriage.

By experiencing the rough patch but still not giving up on their dreams, Thomas and Izzy have taken agency for their own actions – something that Thomas even reiterates in the movie when he tells Izzy to “be the change” she wishes to see in the world. Moreover, even Thomas realizes that his life’s trajectory is in his own hands. It is highly possible that the Prince will relocate to New York permanently and help his lover run the community center, at least for some time. He could also use his power, position, and privilege to make some positive changes in the lives of Izzy’s loved ones, like her mother and the salon. But for now, it is enough that the two have chosen each other.

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