The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Finale Recap: Who Does Belly End Up With?

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The finale of Prime Video’s ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Season 2 brings Belly face to face with a choice that will change everything for her. At the beginning of this season, she was not a good terms with either of the Fisher boys. She and Conrad broke up after dating for a few months, and things only got worse at Susannah’s funeral. Meanwhile, Jeremiah stopped talking to Belly after she ditched him for Conrad. The breakup was pretty hard on him, especially after Conrad and Belly got together.

Things start to cool down between them as they spend more time together and focus their energies on saving the beach house. The week brings a lot of things into perspective for Belly, who rediscovers her feelings for Jeremiah but is still attached to Conrad. Here’s what happens to her at the end of this season. SPOILERS AHEAD

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In the last episode, while Conrad is at Brown giving the exam to get him to Stanford, Belly confesses her feelings for Jeremiah and tells him she wants to be with him. They kiss, but things get awkward when Conrad sees them together. Moments ago, he’d talked with Steven and was ready to do whatever it took to get Belly back. However, when he sees her kissing his brother, he falls back into the habit of shutting people off. Conrad asks Belly if she did it to get his attention and make him jealous. She reveals that she has no feelings for Conrad, and the kiss was not about him but about how she feels about Jeremiah.

While Conrad walks away, Jeremiah and Belly wait for him to come back. Eventually, when he does come back, he is cockier than usual and pokes at Belly and Jeremiah. Conrad’s words and actions make it clear to Jeremiah that his brother is still in love with Belly. From knowing that Belly gets motion sickness if she reads in the car to what her favorite candy is, Conrad acts like he knows Belly more than Jeremiah and that his younger brother will never understand the way he does.

Back home, Steven and Taylor always get in a row about who Belly should choose. Steven is Team Conrad because he believes that Belly deserves someone who challenges her and understands how complicated she is. Taylor is Team Jeremiah because Conrad has already broken Belly’s heart once, while Jeremiah makes her happy. The choice, however, remains with Belly.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Finale Ending: Who Does Belly End Up With?

Image Credit: Erika Doss/ Prime Video

Belly had a crush on Conrad since she was twelve. She always thought about ending up with him, so Belly jumped at it when they finally had the chance to be together. By then, things had already been complicated by her and Jeremiah secretly dating. Still, Belly had no doubt about what she wanted, whom she really wanted to be with. She liked Jeremiah but didn’t love him like she loved Conrad. But things are different this summer.

Back then, Conrad was a dream for Belly, but when it became a reality, she saw his bad parts that she didn’t when they were just friends. Before, Conrad being distant and uncommunicative made him intriguing and drew Belly towards him. But when he continues to be this way while they are dating, Belly realizes it is too much for her. She’d created a dreamy version of Conrad in her head, but things were much different in reality.

Conrad made things difficult, while Jeremiah was more sorted in this aspect. He was always straightforward about his feelings. When he wanted to be with her, he let her know about his feelings. When she broke his heart, he let her know about that too. He never twisted things or tucked them away and shut out the people who loved him. When he forgives Belly, he doesn’t hesitate to tell her he hasn’t forgotten what happened the last time.

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When things start to get better, and their feelings resurface, Jeremiah doesn’t delude himself that everything is back to the way it used to be. He doesn’t jump into a relationship with Belly because he knows well enough that his brother is still in love with her. And deny as she may, she still has feelings for him. This is why, when Belly insists that she has thought about it and wants to be with him, he advises her to have a proper conversation with Conrad. If she still wants to be with him after that, they will be together.

While Belly has convinced herself that Conrad doesn’t love her anymore, she agrees with Jeremiah’s condition. However, it isn’t actually much of a conversation she has with Conrad. At night, when Jeremiah has fallen asleep, Conrad tells Belly that she still loves her and wants to be with her. Belly tries to talk, but he says she doesn’t have to say anything. This is simply the declaration of his true feelings, and apparently, it changes nothing for Belly.

The next morning, Belly finds Jeremiah, tells him she has it cleared up, and wants to be with him. Conrad packs up his things and decides to go back to Cousins. He asks if they’ll be there for the Fourth of July, and they assure him they won’t miss it. Jeremiah takes Belly to the volleyball camp, where Taylor and her teammates help her get back on good terms with the coach, and she plays for the team again. She confesses that she didn’t expect to be with Jeremiah when she thought about ending up with one of the Fisher boys, but however things may have turned out, they are great. For now.

Image Credit: Erika Doss/ Prime Video

Back at Cousins, Conrad fixes the place following the mess from the party. He puts everyone’s things back in their room, including Belly’s. He is in love with her, but she has chosen Jeremiah, and he will have to live with that. Still, this doesn’t mean things have ended between him and Belly. As Jeremiah suggested, they should have talked about their breakup and feelings and resolved stuff before deciding to move on.

But Conrad was more focused on getting things off his chest, and Belly was more focused on convincing Jeremiah that her feelings for him were real. They might have moved in different directions for now, but this conversation they didn’t have and the feelings they didn’t resolve will come back to bite them. For now, however, Belly is in her bliss with Jeremiah—another happy ending to a turbulent summer.

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