Helen Mirren and Pierce Brosnan’s ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ Starts Filming in the UK in June

Hollywood heavyweights will head to the United Kingdom for the adaptation of Richard Osman’s renowned novel! The filming of Netflix’s ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ will start on the island nation next month and conclude by September. Chris Columbus is directing the movie based on his screenplay. Helen Mirren, Pierce Brosnan, Ben Kingsley, and Celia Imrie lead the film’s cast.

The plot revolves around a group of septuagenarians working on old murder cases culled from the files of the club’s founder Elizabeth Best’s friend Penny Gray, a former police officer who is now comatose in the village’s nursing home. Elizabeth (Mirren) used to have an unspecified job, possibly as a spy, that has left her with a large network of helpful sources. Joyce Meadowcroft (Imrie) is a former nurse who chronicles their deeds. Psychiatrist Ibrahim Arif (Kingsley) and well-known political firebrand Ron Ritchie (Brosnan) complete the group. They charm Police Constable Donna De Freitas, who, visiting to give a talk on safety at Coopers Chase, finds the residents sharp as tacks.

In the film, Coopers Chase is a high-end development, built with drug money on the grounds of a convent, conceived by loathsome Ian Ventham, and maintained by dangerous crook Tony Curran, who’s about to be fired and replaced with wary but willing Bogdan Jankowski. Ventham has big plans for the future—as soon as he removes the nuns’ bodies from the cemetery. When Curran is murdered, DCI Chris Hudson gets the case, but Elizabeth uses her influence to get the ambitious De Freitas included, giving the Thursday Club a police

Columbus most recently helmed ‘The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two,’ which revolves around Kate Pierce’s unexpected reunion with Santa Claus as they face a mysterious troublemaker threatening Christmas. He also directed ‘Pixels,’ featuring Adam Sandler and Kevin James, in which aliens, mistaking video feeds of arcade games as a declaration of war, launch an attack on Earth using these video game characters.

Mirren’s recent roles include Grandmère in ‘White Bird,’ a film adapted from the bestselling book by R. J. Palacio, which showcases the enduring impact of kindness. She lent her voice to the narrator in ‘Barbie‘ and portrayed Queenie in ‘Fast X.’ Brosnan starred as Artie Crawford in ‘The Last Rifleman,’ which centers on a WWII veteran’s poignant journey to attend the D-Day anniversary, confronting his past along the way. Additionally, he played Charlie Swift in ‘Fast Charlie,’ following a fixer tasked with a peculiar challenge involving a headless victim and the victim’s ex-wife, Marcie Kramer.

Kingsley recently starred in Wes Anderson’s Roald Dahl adaptations, and in the comedy film ‘Jules,’ he portrayed Milton, whose quiet life in a small Pennsylvania town is disrupted when a UFO crashes in his backyard. Additionally, he appeared as Salvador Dalí in the biographical drama ‘Dalíland,’ in which a young gallery assistant experiences a wild adventure assisting the aging genius in preparing for a New York exhibition in 1973. Imrie is known for her performances in the ‘Bridget Jones’ films, Netflix’s ‘The Diplomat,’ and ‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.’

Osman, recognized for his contributions as a British television presenter, has appeared in projects such as ‘Anthony,’ ‘Nigel Farage Gets His Life Back,’ and ‘Not Going Out.’ ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ is his debut venture into literature, a novel that garnered a fair share of acclaim, has surpassed the ten million copies mark in sales, and has paved the way for subsequent sequels. The adaptation was ordered after the author sold the rights to the book to Steven Spielberg in 2020, marking the commencement of an ongoing endeavor.

The United Kingdom has hosted the shooting of several noteworthy productions released in recent times, including Jason Statham’s ‘The Beekeeper‘ and the political thriller drama ‘Civil War.’

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