The Vince Staples Show: All Filming Locations of the Netflix Series Explored

Co-created by Ian Edelman, Maurice Williams, and Vince Staples, ‘The Vince Staples Show’ presents a sarcastic and dramatized version of Staples’ experiences of growing up in his hometown of Long Beach. The biographical comedy show follows the rapper as a semi-famous figure in his hometown navigating his tumultuous life involving dropping albums, dodging bullets, and brawling mascots. Staples acts out a deadpan version of himself, participating in mundane as well as clandestine activities around town. Having run-ins with the law, gangsters, and eccentric locals, the rapper is often thrust into thrilling and comedic situations accentuated by a cast of colorful characters. As we follow Staples’ misadventures across a slew of vibrant locales, from sunny parks to colorful fairgrounds, questions arise regarding the show’s real-world shooting locations.

Where is The Vince Staples Show Filmed?

‘The Vince Staples Show’ is filmed in the canonically accurate city of Long Beach, California. The show began production on January 12, 2023, and principal photography for season one was wrapped up by March 23, 2023. Shooting sites spanned a few other locations in Los Angeles. Let us venture deeper into the destinations seen in the Netflix series.

Long Beach, California

Situated along the picturesque coastline of Southern California, the vibrant urban sprawl of Long Beach became the primary filming destination for ‘The Vince Staples Show.’ Given that the series is based loosely on Vince Staples’ early life in the city, sites around Long Beach became the perfect locales to depict its narrative. From palm-lined streets to verdant parks and quaint suburban neighborhoods, locations around Long Beach are featured in exterior shots throughout the show. The neighborhoods of downtown Long Beach can be spotted in sequences of Staples visiting clubs or meeting up with friends. Their picturesque settings are characterized by tree-lined avenues, elegant homes, and upscale establishments.

In addition to its urban landscapes, Long Beach’s natural beauty also plays a significant role in its appeal as a filming location. The city’s stunning coastline, scenic parks, and iconic landmarks, like the historic RMS Queen Mary, provide filmmakers with a variety of settings. In the first episode of the show, the donut outlet seen is the real-life Sunrise Donuts on Seventh Street. The police patrol cars seen shortly afterward have logos resembling those of Long Beach’s police force. Appreciating the showrunners for their work on representing Long Beach, the city’s mayor, Rex Richardson, wrote, “It’s always great when Long Beach is not just a film site, but also highlighted as the setting – adding to our local culture & uplifting our local destinations.”

Long Beach’s coastal beauty is a major draw for filmmakers to capture its cinematic charm. The city’s sandy beaches and scenic waterfronts have become a site for many prominent productions over the years. Furthermore, Long Beach boasts a thriving film industry infrastructure, including state-of-the-art studios, and experienced crews hailing from a vast talent pool. The city’s Film Office is active in supporting and facilitating the filming process of movies and shows created in the region. Some of the productions housed in the city include, ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,’ ‘Harlem Nights,’ ‘CHiPs,’ and ‘National Security.’

Los Angeles, California

With the show centered on Long Beach, it was inevitable for its filming sites to spill over to the coveted backdrops of neighboring Los Angeles. The Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach together form the largest port complex in the country. The Wilmington neighborhood in southern Los Angeles, along with its harbor area, can be spotted in the backdrop of a few scenes of the show.

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