The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 10 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The tenth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead’ season 11 centers around the aftermath of the Commonwealth Army’s visit to Alexandria. Upon accepting Lance Hornsby’s offer, Alexandrians move to the Commonwealth for the renovation of their fallen home. Daryl and Rosita join the Commonwealth army and begin their training under Mercer.

Pamela’s Halloween ball gets interrupted by a former trooper who warns the governor about the growing resistance in the community. The episode ends with an astounding revelation that leaves a pivotal question unanswered. Let us get into it after a quick recap! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 10 Recap

The tenth episode of the eleventh season, titled ‘New Haunts,’ begins with the Alexandrians settling in the Commonwealth community, celebrating Halloween. Judith spends time with a new friend named Mei. Daryl and Rosita continue their army training under Mercer and take part in a team exercise. While Rosita and her partner earn the appreciation of the general, Daryl gets warned for being an individualist in the field. He is instructed to be a team player and not focus on his own ways and rules. Sebastian displays his ego to Daryl, only for the latter to get more enraged.

Carol looks through the medical file of Ezekiel and realizes that he is far away from getting surgery done for his cancer due to his position on the waiting list. When Lance doesn’t satisfy Pamela with his wine selections, Carol collects the best wines from a cellar located outside the walls for him in return for Ezekiel’s surgery. Carol assures her assistance to Lance for Ezekiel to get better. Connie becomes a reporter in the Commonwealth and starts to investigate the class divide in the community. Princess impresses Mercer to accompany him in the masquerade ball Pamela throws, especially to honor her father.

As the ball progresses, a former Commonwealth soldier named Tyler Davis holds Pamela’s assistant at knifepoint and accuses her of prioritizing the well-being of the rich and elite alone. He expresses that he wants to be heard as a common citizen in the community. Even though Pamela tries to pacify him by pretending to care about him, Tyler leaves the assistant at the venue and runs away. Mercer instructs his troopers to catch him.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 10 Ending: Are There Thousands More Resisting the Commonwealth? Is There an Anti-Commonwealth Group?

Even though Tyler runs away, Daryl follows and captures him, only to ask Sebastian to take credit for it. When Pamela asks his soldiers to “take care of him,” Tyler warns the governor that there are thousands to fight for the equality and justice of the workers and common people of the community. Even the powerful Pamela gets shaken by Tyler’s reveal and asks Lance whether he said is right.

Although the deputy governor dismisses her doubt, Rosita finds out evidence of such a resistance brewing in the Commonwealth. She discovers a secret room in a home during a raid and encounters various posters and other materials that proclaim resistance and fight against the class segregation of the Commonwealth community. Through the Commonwealth, Pamela succeeds in maintaining a self-sufficient and powerful community that impeccably resembles an admirable civilization pre-apocalypse.

However, the foundation of such a community is nothing but the exploitation of labor and class segregation. Rather than being a governor, Pamela is a tyrant that divides the rich and the poor to exploit the latter for the good of the former, which includes her as well. From the troopers to the common laborers, underprivileged citizens of the commonwealth sacrifice their blood and sweat for the merriment of the rich.

Considering the social strata of the Commonwealth, it is no wonder that Tyler decides to express his rage. The abundance of anti-Commonwealth materials Rosita discovers during her search indicates that Tyler isn’t alone. If not thousands, there must be a considerable number of people accompanying the former soldier in such a suicide mission. Since Tyler makes their presence known, a battle between the Commonwealth’s privileged and the protestors becomes inevitable. In the upcoming episodes, we may see the size and might of the group as Pamela is expected to unravel the mystery behind such a secret society.

Will Ezekiel Get the Surgery Done? Will Lance Help Carol?

When Carol realizes that her ex-husband Ezekiel is in a helpless condition, she goes to the hospital to check his files. Through Tomi, she comes to know that Ezekiel doesn’t stand a chance to get the surgery done he urgently needs due to the long waiting list. Through a case of wine, Carol convinces Lance that she can be of incredible help if he helps Ezekiel with the surgery. Lance, who begins to lose his importance in the civilization in the eyes of Pamela, may use Carol to get what he wants. If Ezekiel’s surgery will pave the way for Carol to be indebted to him, Lance may consider her request.

As the deputy governor of the Commonwealth, Lance is aware that his authority is more or less a toy in the hands of Pamela. If Carol can strengthen his reputation and reliability by fulfilling the matters he is supposed to fulfill, Lance may think that surgery is nothing but a bargain for Carol’s services. Since Mercer is attracting incredible public support, Lance may realize that he should be more proactive to counter the general’s popularity and Carol may turn out to be a perfect ally to do the same. If that’s the case, we may see Lance pulling some strings to ensure Ezekiel’s surgery to assure Carol’s help and cooperation to change his image and reputation in front of Pamela.

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