The Weekend Away Ending, Explained: Who Killed Kate?

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Netflix’s murder mystery film ‘The Weekend Away’ follows best friends Beth and Kate, who celebrate a weekend away in Croatia. Upon Kate’s persistence, both of them go to a disco bar to spend a night, where two men hit on them. After a vague night, Beth wakes up and realizes that Kate has vanished. As she tries to locate her friend, Beth comes across startling revelations one after the other that change the dynamics of her personal life. Directed by Kim Farrant, the mystery film offers a stunning culmination to its engrossing mystery. If you are up for a detailed look at the film’s ending, let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Weekend Away Plot Synopsis

Best friends Beth and Kate meet in Croatia as they start their weekend getaway together. Kate asks Beth about her troubled marriage with Rob when the former comes to know that Beth’s sex life hasn’t been active for a year. Due to Kate’s insistence, Beth and Kate goes to a disco bar, spend time with two handsome men, and invite them to their place. Beth wakes up the next morning with a vague remembrance of the last night and realizes that Kate has been disappeared. She calls Zain, a Syrian taxi driver, to help her locate Kate.

Image Credit: Ivan Šardi/Netflix

Beth and Zain locate Mateo and Luka, the two escorts who accompanied Beth and Kate, thinking they are involved in Kate’s disappearance. However, one of them confesses that they are not. Beth goes to the police to file a missing person complaint. Meanwhile, Rob arrives in Croatia to assist Beth. They shortly get informed that Kate is dead. The police confirm that it is a murder. Beth opens Kate’s phone and reads texts between Kate and Rob. She realizes that Rob had an affair with Kate. The police get the information about the affair from Sebastian and arrest Beth on suspicion of Kate’s murder.

Due to a lack of evidence, Beth gets released from police custody. Back in her room, she finds out that Sebastian has placed a hidden camera in every room. She sneaks into his computer room and watches the videos of the day of Kate’s disappearance. Beth realizes that Mateo and Luka are just robbers but notices a taxi car Kate hired on the night. She meets Zain to talk to the taxi driver, who informs them that he dropped Kate at the police station.

The Weekend Away Ending: Who Killed Kate? Why?

When Beth realizes that Kate’s complaint wasn’t registered at the police station, just like her initial missing person complaint, she starts to suspect Pavic as the killer. Beth confirms her suspicion upon seeing the registration plate of Pavic’s car, which matches the plate she saw in Sebastian’s video. While Kovac and Pavic chase Beth and Zain to arrest them, Zain convinces Kovac that Pavic is involved in the murder and by the time Kovac could interfere, Pavic trips on a stone and falls to death. Pavic’s past misbehaviors towards women and CCTV footage that shows a man hitting Kate, leading her to fall to waters and drown, lead Kovac to close the case under the assumption that Pavic is the killer.

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Meanwhile, Beth returns to London and starts living separately from Rob. One day, as she leaves Aster with her father, Beth finds a bead of the necklace she gifted to Kate in Rob’s jacket pocket. She realizes that the killer isn’t Pavic but Rob. When Beth goes to Croatia to spend time with Kate, Rob fears the worst. He gets scared thinking whether Kate will reveal her affair to Beth. When Kate returns from the police station, after dismissing Pavic’s advances, she encounters Rob. He repeatedly asks her whether she has told Beth about their affair already. When he realizes that she hasn’t, Rob asks her not to destroy her friend’s life by revealing anything about them.

Rob and Kate’s argument leads to a fight when Kate tells him that she is going to be truthful from now on, stirring anger in the former. Rob hits Kate and the latter trips to fall to the stones, banging her head. Kate rolls down to the waters and drowns, which eventually kills her. Even though Rob doesn’t intend to kill Kate, his actions lead to her death. Thinking that Kate is dead, Rob leaves the waterfront. However, Kate was alive when she falls into the water and she dies due to drowning. Rob’s misapprehension that Kate died banging her head stops him from saving her from drowning.

Did Kate Love Rob?

No, Kate did not love Rob. When Rob realizes that Beth knows that he is the one behind Kate’s death, he starts to confess. Since he is trying to patch things up with Beth, he realizes that he cannot tell the truth. Thus, he creates a lie — Kate forced him to leave Beth and the fight ensued when he made it clear to Kate that he cannot leave his wife. However, Rob is the one who wanted to end his marriage with Beth to live with Kate. On the night of Kate’s death, she makes it perfectly clear to Rob that whatever happened between them was just a rebound fling and the biggest mistake of her life.

Kate’s insistence that he doesn’t mean anything to her hurts Rob. He becomes scared of losing both Kate and Beth and tells her to not reveal anything to Beth so that his marriage will stay intact even if she doesn’t want him. Rather than telling the truth, Rob tries to trick Beth by telling a lie that Kate wanted him and he resisted her for the sake of Beth. Even though Rob tries to establish his lie, Beth realizes that he cannot be trusted anymore and walks away from him as the police approach to arrest him.

Do Beth and Zain End Up Together?

When Kate disappears, Zain lends his support to a vulnerable Beth. He becomes her companion to find out the truth about Kate’s disappearance. When Beth comes to know that Kate died and her husband had an affair with her best friend, she becomes distressed. Even then, Zain stands beside her to help. He risks his own life and livelihood for Beth to find out about Kate’s killer. More than anything, Zain asks her to follow her heart and instincts rather than anything. When the police close Kate’s case, Beth leaves Croatia but not Zain’s life.

Image Credit: Ivan Sardi/Netflix

Right before leaving Aster with Rob, Beth receives a text from Zain that informs her that he will see her soon, indicating the possibility that they are giving each other a chance. Zain’s text illuminates Beth’s face as his presence and companionship do to her life. As she finally ends her relationship with Rob, Beth arrives at crossroads for her life ahead and she may have chosen the road that takes her to Zain. His compassion and trustworthiness may help her overcome the harrowing end to her relationship with Rob. Their compatibility may lead them to nurture an admirable relationship together as Beth steps into a new phase of her life.

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