Thederick Barnes: Where is My 600-lb Life Star Now?

Image Credit: TLC UK/YouTube

TLC’s long-running series ‘My 600-lb Life’ follows the journey of various morbidly obese persons, who typically weigh approximately 600 pounds. They enroll in the show to start over and live healthier lives by attempting to shed their extra weight. Dr. Younan Nowzaradan AKA Dr.Now, a renowned bariatric surgeon, provides guidance by designing specific diet and exercise plans for each patient. He supports the process further by assisting them in becoming candidates for weight-loss surgery.

Throughout its 10 seasons since its launch in 2012, the reality show has featured astounding tales of weight reduction. Many of them serve as role models for viewers by motivating them to work hard to transform their lives from being on the verge of death to fit, healthy individuals. Thederick Barnes was one such cast member, who appeared in season 9 episode 2 of the show. His positive approach and potential to make impactful changes in his life made him quite famous among his fans. Thus, as they must be wondering where he is now, here’s what we found out!

Thederick Barnes’ My 600-lb Life Journey

Thederick Barnes appeared in season 9 of the show as a 32-year-old, weighing 740lbs. He was from Florida and lived with his mother, totally dependent on her for his survival. He barely got out of his house but only when the ice cream man came by and he could get his comfort food for breakfast. This was a regular thing as he also maintained a long-term account with the ice cream vendor and was the only time of the day he got any exercise. “The treats make it worthy for me to push myself to go outside. That’s how I start my breakfast, with ice cream. And it starts to make my day get better at that point.”

Thederick struggled every day because of his size and also the lymphedema which developed in his lower body. He also suffered many growing health issues leading to a sudden hospitalization, thus scaring him for his life. As he finally began realizing the amount of damage his excess weight was doing to his health and body, he decided to take a journey to Houston and meet Dr. Now. Because of his weight and excess skin around his entire body, Thederick had a difficult journey lying at the back of his mother’s van with the seats pulled down. He could hardly move or even get out of the car to go to the bathroom as he was in a lot of pain.

However, he still managed to stop for fast foods on his way, and his mother sometimes also became an enabler, allowing him to gulp on junk food before seeing the doctor. After Thederick was given a strict diet, he initially had a tough time following every instruction and even missed an appointment with Dr. Now, which made him see the latter via video call. He also had to meet a nutritionist and learn about all the foods he was eating to know which food was impacting him negatively and why. For example, although fruits are healthy, Thederick was restricted from having them in order to cut any form of sugar.

Thederick Barnes is Focusing on His Health Today

Although Thederick struggled for a while to lose weight, he later managed to lose 125lbs and thus brought down his weight to 615lbs. After such a triumph, Dr. Now was very happy and proud of Thederick, and he was immediately approved for bariatric surgery. Unfortunately, when Thederick was checked for any health complications before his surgery, the doctors found that he had a weak heart, which made the surgery risky for his life. As a result, he was asked to lose some more weight before he could get approved for the surgery.

Thederick continued losing more weight after his time on the show and did a phenomenal job at it. In fact, he ultimately did get permission for surgery from the doctors. Now, he looks much thinner as he lost tons of weight after getting the gastric bypass surgery and also after his lymphedema got removed. He is a much more confident and self-sufficient person since he can move about much faster. This is especially possible as his legs are free from the weight of the huge lymphedema hanging on his leg. In one picture he posted on his social media platform, Thederick can be seen to fit inside one leg of his pants which he wore in the show.

He is also very grateful to his family, including his mother, sister, and brother for their contributions to his weight loss journey. Thederick, particularly, thanks his mother for her sacrifices and love for him, which helped him keep going on the weight loss path. After his successful surgery, Thederick moved out of Houston, where he had previously shifted, to be closer to Dr. Now and get the surgery. Now, he is back in Florida and lives in Tallahassee. Thus, we only wish the 35-year-old a healthy and happy future ahead.

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