Tough as Nails Season 1: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Created by Phil and Louise Keoghan, ‘Tough as Nails‘ is a CBS reality show that challenges its participants by challenging them to work at different job sites. As each contestant tries their best to complete the given task while earning as much as possible, only one person gets to take home the title of victor. The very first season of the show, which aired in 2020, is well-known for featuring highly talented individuals whose performances helped them earn much popularity. If you are curious about where your favorites from this particular iteration of the series are, worry not because we have your back!

Kelly “Murph” Murphy is a Fitness Advocate

We are starting with Kelly “Murph” Murphy, a Marine Corps veteran who won the competition thanks to his determination and hard work. As of writing, he is based in Warrensburg, Missouri, and continues to keep his body in the best shape possible via frequent trips to the gym. Additionally, he is a massive advocate for veteran businesses, often promoting them via his social media.

As it turns out, Kelly once served as the Director of Military and Veteran Services for the University of Central Missouri but left the post in June 2022. Presently, he serves as a model for Ariat and often works as a part-time fitness coach. The reality TV star did appear in season 3 of the CBS show, though he now seems focused on his role as a father and husband.

Danny Moody is a Family Man Now

Runner-up Danny Moody has spent much of his life in Spokane, Washington, and seems content to live there. The reality TV star is a professional drywall installer who has recently started posting videos on his YouTube channel called Drywall Danny. While he has just started on the video platform and thus has only begun to gain followers, his Instagram account has over 12K followers. When not working hard, he enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and three daughters. Danny is also close to his parents and brother and considers himself family-oriented.

Myles V Polk is a Forestry Technician

Based in Tuskegee, Alabama, Myles V Polk works as a Forestry Technician for the US Forest Service. The skills he gained from his job certainly helped him remain in the CBS show for a long time. When not working, the reality TV star takes every opportunity possible to be with his loved ones, including his wife, Ayo Akilah Polk, whom he married in March 2022. Together, the two are happy parents of their son, whom they consider their pride and joy.

Linda Goodridge Leads a Private Life Now

Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Next, we have Linda Goodridge, the former Monroe County Deputy Sheriff who has since left law enforcement. Around the time of her television debut, she was in a loving relationship with her boyfriend, Tom Spring, though she prefers to keep the details of her personal life under wraps these days. Now a part of the roof construction industry, Linda seemingly lives in Marion, New York.

Callie Cattell is Focusing on Her Professional Life Now

Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Callie Cattell from Bend, Oregon, is a woman of many skills who will surely leave you impressed. The reality TV star serves as a Commercial Fisherman for Arctic Bay Salmon Company, often overseeing a crew of three to five men while working as a Captain/Deck Boss. From June 2017 to January 2019, she worked with NASA Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory as a Dive Operations Specialist, which helped her stand out in the eyes of the viewers. Presently working as an Independent Contractor, Callie prefers to keep the details of her personal life private.

Young An: Firefighter’s New Life in California

Eliminated at sixth position, Young An came from Alexandria, Virginia, to participate in the competition. A firefighter by profession, he exited the show with $8,000 in his pocket. However, on December 11, 2020, the firefighter apparently shared that he was leaving Virginia behind and had agreed to a job position that would take him all the way to California. As of writing, he is based in Orange County, California, and is in a loving relationship with Keira Ta.

Michelle S Kiddy is a Teacher and an Airline Agent

Previously a science teacher, Michelle S Kiddy had to halt her career as an educator following the cancer diagnosis of her husband, Butch. Now based in Alexandria, Kentucky, she seemingly continues to work as an airline gate agent. Michelle has also reentered the world of education, presently serving as an 8th-grade science teacher for Turkey Foot Middle School. Despite her short height and deceptively frail appearance, the reality TV star impressed everyone with her ability to not back down from any of the challenges that came her way.

Luis Yuli is an Entrepreneur and a Brand Ambassador Now

Let’s now talk about Luis Yuli, who seems to be doing well. The reality TV star enjoys spending time with his children and resides in the New York City Metropolitan Area, New York. As for his professional life, the scaffolder is the proud owner of Milán Services and Contracting, having been affiliated with the organization since 2014. Additionally, Luis is an ambassador for Carhartt and was recently seen in a Samsung advertisement.

Tara Davis: Journeyman Ironworker, Mother

Now known as Tara Wayne, Tara Davis continues to live her best life. The ironworker impressed the public with her skills and gained much love from her admirers. In fact, after four years of apprenticeship, she became a journeyman ironworker, effective from February 8, 2023, a development she could not help but be proud of. The reality TV star likes to spend time with her four children, including Holden, Gannondorf, America, and Kelsey, whenever possible and is seemingly in a happy relationship. She also has a dog named Luke, who often appears on her social media.

Lee Marshall: Roofer, Family Man

Lee Marshall, a roofer from St. Louis, Missouri, walked out of the show with $18,000 in his pockets despite being eliminated at the tenth position. While the reality TV star himself is not very active on social media, that has not stopped his fans from wishing him the best for life. One of Lee’s most ardent supporters during his on-screen performance was his wife, Jeanette Marshall Cameron, who certainly seems to adore him.

Melissa Burns is a Farmer and a Fitness Entrepreneur Now

Farmer Melissa Burns seems to be doing quite well in her life. The CBS star is happily married to Ron “Ronnie” Grayson Burns — the two tied the knot on June 9, 2018. Based in Milford Center, Ohio, Melissa is the founder of Farm Fit Protein and is a Certified Personal Trainer, often working under the banner of Melissa Burns Fitness. More than anything, the nutrition expert takes joy in her role as a mother to her two sons, Grayson and Griffin, the latter of whom turned one on June 15, 2023.

Linnett Key is a Fitness Coach and a Business Owner Today

Last but far from least, we have Linnett Key from Lecanto, Florida. The reality TV contestant had been a welder with Trademark Metals Recycling LLC but left the job in June 202. As of writing, she serves as the owner and fitness coach for Lkey Fit, a company she established in December 2016. Linnett is also a Carhartt ambassador and proud mother to her four children, including her three sons and one daughter.

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