Tough as Nails Season 3: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Obliterating obstacles and rising to the occasion, ‘Tough as Nails’ follows twelve individuals who give up comfort and ease to compete in a streak of physically demanding challenges. The CBS reality television show features essential workers who keep the economy running by using their strength and endurance daily. The contestants vie for the top spot and a cash prize of $200,000 by navigating the herculean tasks assigned to them. Released in 2021, season 3 of the reality show featured some of the most competitive and agile participants.

Lisa Mort is a Podcast Host Now

Having served in the Marines and the Army, veteran and firefighter Lia Mort quickly climbed to the top and claimed the prize. A member of the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, Lia had entered the show to test the waters and have fun. After walking away with the top spot, Lia launched the ‘More than Tough’ podcast along with her fellow castmate and competitor Kalimba Edwards.

Image Credit: More Than Tough/YouTube

Two years on, 55-year-old Lisa Mort continues to embrace life’s challenges along with her husband, John Lennon Mort. Along with her husband, Lia is also building an obstacle course called Tougher than Tough on their 13-acre farm. Based in Richfield, Pennsylvania, the reality star has continued to keep in close touch with the friends she made on the reality show and has also become a representative for the show in several public events.

Dequincey “Quincey” Walker is Evolving in Trade Today

Hailing from Lamar, South Carolina, DeQuincey Walker had never turned away from hard work. From winning three consecutive State Football Championships and taking his Track and Field team to several State titles, DeQuincey had a knack for pushing his limits. After getting bested by the war veteran, the diesel mechanic in his 30s has continued to evolve in his trade and personal life. Along with his wife, Tiffany Walker and their children – Christian and Mackensleigh, the Florence-based reality star is still engaged with his local community and even hosts fundraisers for Masonic Brothers of David Temple 45.

Jerome Kupuka’a is Embracing New Opportunities Now

Having depicted his penchant for hard work, the heavy equipment operator also continues to excel in other walks of life. In his 50s, Jerome still embraces new challenges with his wife and family. After one of his daughters encouraged Jerome to apply for ‘Tough as Nails,’ the surfing enthusiast felt his skills would be best used in such a challenge. Ultimately, the reality star placed third in the challenge. Based in Ewa Beach, Jerome is an active part of the Ewa Beach Surf Club and is also an active part of Hui O He’e Nalu or The Club of Wave Riders. In addition to preparing for the Honolulu Marathon and working with LOCAL3 Royal Contractors, the star also likes to spend time with his wife, Shar Kupuka’a, children, and granddaughter.

Elizabeth Rillera is Expanding Her Enterprises

The Olympia-based resident, whose resilience enraptured many, showed great tenacity during her time on the show. Crediting her performance to her nieces and nephews, Elizabeth’s close relations with her family have continued long after she left the show. The model, stunt woman, and bodybuilder is still excelling in all walks of life. Elizabeth continues to helm her construction company called Supreme Construction and Concrete.

A YouTube creator, the star also showcases stealth and mettle in acrobatics at the Airbound Arts and has even worked on a podcast. In her 30s, Elizabeth also hopes to make it to the cover of Muscle & Fitness HERS Magazine. When she’s not engaged in work and training, Elizabeth likes to spend time with her family and friends.

Mike Shaffer: Competing and Building

The New York-based lineman continues to approach life with extreme motivation and assert his abilities through several demanding tasks and responsibilities. Whether hunting or belting out sweat during his daily routine, Mike continues to highlight the essence of a blue-collar worker. In addition to improving his physique through training, Mike is also a backyard boxer and has represented upstate New York in the Rough N’ Rowdy competitions. With almost a decade of marriage, Mike and his wife, Christine, enjoy familial bliss with their children, Landon and Sicily. In his 30s, the husband and father of two continues to support his family in different ways.

Takeru “Tak” Tanabe is an Active Member of His Community Now

Representing his physique and undeterred spirit, the Hawaii-based carpenter foreman became a forerunner on the show. Even after his exit from reality television, the Kona native has continued to explore all kinds of success. Now in his late 30s, the star has worked with Nan Inc Construction on several projects. Takeru is an active member of his community and has even donated to the Holualoa School and represented ‘Tough as Nails,’ at different junctures.

Along with his wife Amber and sons – Ryder, Duke, and dog Luna- Takeru continues to achieve new milestones. Not just this, the husband and wife like to travel and share tips for tourists on their social media. Some of their escapades include New York, Disneyland, and France.

Alfredo “Alfie” P. Rivera is Enjoying Family Life Now

The reality star depicted an undeterred spirit during his time on the show and a steadfast resolve to create change. Despite his early exit, Alfie showcased extreme strength and endurance during his time on the show. A resident of Lilburn, Georgia, Alfie is approaching his 60s and continues to live a life dedicated to hard work and discipline. Apart from supervising construction and putting his physical acumen to the test, Alfie enjoys spending time with his wife, Bibi Rivera and their children.

Christine Connors: Training and Welding

A native of Johnstown, Christine was born and brought up in a tight-knit family with four sisters, parents and grandparents. Aside from her feat on reality television, Christine continues to excel in her career as a fitness trainer and sports nutrition athlete. Apart from an athletically charged background, Christine also wields ironwork expertise and works as a Plant Welder with Oldcastle Building Products.

Aside from work, the former USA Olympic weightlifter, who had also tried for CrossFit games, is currently based in California along with her husky, Thor. On the personal front, Christine likes to keep her dating life under wraps. Nonetheless, the star in her 30s continues to achieve more milestones with the support of her friends and family.

Kelsy Reynolds Continues to Exponentiate Her Success

In her 30s, crop duster Kelsy has continued to scale her abilities and garner success in all fields of life. From getting invited to different public speaking events to finding new opportunities, the crop-dusting helicopter pilot continues to exponentiate her success. Having lost her father to a crop-dusting accident, Kelsy remains steadfast in her resolve to be a fearless worker. Aside from crop-dusting in the summer, Kelsy harvests in the fall and pushes snow in the winter. Based in Mansfield, Illinois, Kelsy also owns RAS Aviation. Along with her partner Brandon Neisen, sisters, friends and family, Kelsy continues to create new milestones.

Image Credit: Kelsy Reynolds/Instagram

Sarah Ham is Excelling in Masonry

Having spent time in the military, the cement mason exuded strength through her tough demeanour and stood tall throughout the challenges. Despite her early exit from the show, Sarah continues to function with a great mindset. In addition to sharing snippets of her life on social media, the star still excels in her trade as a cement mason. Based in New York, Sarah is in her 30s and continues to enjoy life with friends and family.

Lamar Edwin Hanger is Actively Participating in Community Endeavors

The California-based union carpenter still faces challenges head-on. Despite being diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age, Lamar has continued to channel his expertise and strength to get things done. Based in California, Lamar is approaching his 60s and still retains the vigor and resilience of a person in their prime. Along with his work, Lamar is also a proud husband, father, uncle and brother. Also an active member of the community, Lamar continues to embrace new opportunities and challenges.

Kalimba Edwards is a Yoga Instructor

Despite her early exit, Kalimba is now in her 40s and has easily mapped the road to success. Apart from hosting a podcast with season winner Lia Mort, the Minneapolis-based Firefighter and Captain also works as a personal trainer, yoga instructor, strongman and comedian. With a penchant for poetry, the fire captain and mother of two is also an active member of the community and is regularly a part of the School Supply Drive and other events. While Kalimba’s husband is based out of Jamaica, the star lives in the States along with their two sons – Ty and Mekhi. Along with her parents, siblings, friends and family, the TikTok and Instagram creator is on the path to achieving more milestones.

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