Tricia Lee’s Net Worth: How Rich is the Real Estate Agent?

Image Credit: Winnie Au/Netflix

If you’re interested in the world of New York real estate in any way, shape, or form, Tricia Lee Riley is a name you should definitely remember. After all, not only is she the Queen of Brooklyn per Netflix’s ‘Owning Manhattan,’ but she’s also spreading her wings across the city to really make a name for herself. She has always said she’s very intentional in her actions, so she has no problem admitting that despite all her career achievements thus far, she still wants to build an empire of her own as a Black woman in real estate.

How Did Tricia Lee Earn Her Money?

Since Tricia has always been a driven woman with an outgoing personality and a passion for the beauty industry, she kickstarted her career in 1998 upon earning a Bachelor’s in Communications from Arizona State University. Her first official job was actually as a sales and retail operations manager at MAC Cosmetics, where she not only developed an entire team but also oversaw the management of artists while also handling consumers. It was til 2005 that she held onto this role, just to then decide to pursue her dream of launching her own business — she opened a nail/overall beauty brand named Polish Bar in Clinton Hill later that year.

Though little did anyone expect Tricia’s business to rise so rapidly, she’d soon have to open another branch in Prospect Heights, which thrived as much as the original, if not more. The entrepreneur then managed the daily operations of two locations, handled over 16 employees, plus took care of all their consumers for around a decade, that is, until she felt burnt out. She, hence, decided to shift gears and step into the real estate industry by combining her passion for design with her extensive knowledge of the city, only for it to lead to unimaginable success.

Tricia started with Brooklyn’s then-number-one firm, Corcoran, around the fall of 2015, attending their school to earn her license within a couple of months before fully evolving into an agent. She held the title of a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson there for almost a year before choosing to move on to another luxury brokerage by the name of Compass in the same role. She stayed here until 2021, that is, until she decided to join ‘Million Dollar Listing: New York’ star Ryan Serhant as he established his own tech-forward luxurious agency, SERHANT. After all, she knew she’d be able to step forward as the founder and principal broker of The Tricia Lee team here (alongside her fiance, Jeffrey St. Arromand), enabling her to spread her wings in every sense.

Tricia Lee’s Net Worth

With Tricia’s nearly 3-decade-long career as not just an entrepreneur or real estate agent but also a community woman, public speaker, beauty consultant, online figure, founding member of the Myrtle Avenue Merchants Association (MARP), and a Board of Advisors member for Clinton Hill’s V-ELMS, it’s safe to assume she has accumulated a great fortune. The fact she essentially secured a great portfolio of potential real estate clientele while she was running Polish Bar and getting to know locals through there has also enabled her to surpass the $200 million sale mark independently — before she even became a part of SERHANT.

Since then, Tricia has managed to close deals amounting to another $100 million, meaning her commissions/earnings through them all amount to roughly $3.825 million. After all, commissions in the metropolitan luxury market are usually 3%, which gets divided equally between the buyer and seller agents before they then have to split that sum with their respective associated brokerages — this percentage is between 80-20 and 90-10 (we have assumed 85/15 here). As for her rent dealings, the commissions for that are sometimes a whole month, and it seems like she has closed a significant number of deals in this division too.

Then comes Tricia’s earnings as the entrepreneur of Polish Bar, which is admittedly a gross of over $1.25 million in its decade-long run. Therefore, this, combined with her other earnings over the years, online presence, expenses, lifestyle, possible investments, and savings, as well as assets, skyrockets her overall wealth. In fact, per our estimate, this principal broker at Team Tricia Lee at SERHANT, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, and founder of financial guide brand Money Matters with Tricia Lee and Dinner Noire’s net worth is $5 million.

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