Tumi Mhlongo From Below Deck Med: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Tumi Mhlongo/Instagram

Traversing the wide expanse of the ocean, ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ chronicles the journey of crew members as they strive to serve guests aboard a superyacht. The Bravo reality television show juxtaposes the scenic blues of the ocean with the intensity-fueled drama of the workplace. With relationships and love triangles emerging left and right, the crew members find themselves embroiled in a quandary.

The ‘Below Deck’ spin-off has consistently appealed to fans since its release in 2016. The eighth instalment of the series features chief stewardess Tumi Mhlongo, who first made an appearance in ‘Below Deck Down Under.’ Naturally, fans have grown more curious about the reality star. So, if you’re wondering the same, then look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Tumi Mhlongo’s Age, Family, and Background

Growing up with intersectional influences, Tumi quickly embraced several new experiences. Born and brought up in Johannesburg, South Africa, Tumi grew up with the love and adoration of her parents, grandparents, younger brother and elder sister. The filial daughter didn’t just excel in academics but also looked for opportunities far and beyond. Ultimately, she completed her high school education and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Design and Visual Communications. Later, the 27-year-old was urged by her grandmother to take the plunge and move to the United States. She is currently based in New York City, where a myriad of opportunities stand afoot.

Tumi Mhlongo’s Profession

Albeit her success in yachting and proficiency as a stewardess, Tumi wasn’t always entranced by the ocean. Initially, the reality star had taken the designated path of design and photography after receiving her degree. She was first employed at a photography agency where she worked to hone her visual and design techniques. Besides this, Tumi was skilled in marketing and social media management. The reality star held different stints with organizations before realizing her true calling. Previously, she was employed as a Social Media Marketing Manager for different companies. Over the years, she has accrued experience with organizations like 95 at Morgentser, 95 Keerom and Carne South Africa.

While she managed to create value for clients and deliver adequate results through her work, Tumi quickly realized that she was meant to do more. During this time, a coworker would often tell Tumi about their escapades as yacht stew. Consequently, Tumi developed an interest in the life that yachting had to offer. From sailing across the oceanic blues to working with a range of people, the idea of working as a stew appealed to her just as much. Before long, Tumi decided to take the plunge and quit her job in the field of marketing. Slowly, she refined her skills as a stewardess and ultimately decided to pursue a different career.

Is Tumi Mhlongo Dating Anyone?

The inexplicable draw of drama and love triangles is not unknown to the crew of the ‘Below Deck.’ However, unlike her castmates, who are often embroiled in an intense tug-of-war of the heart, Tumi Mhlongo remains single. In an interview with TV Insider, the television personality opened up about her sole purpose when she entered the yacht. For the South African native, it is work that takes precedence over prospective romances. She iterated, “I just know when I’m going on a boat, I’m going there for work. That’s the only thing I’m focused on…I don’t want distractions…For me, if you don’t look like my future baby daddy, I’m not going to touch you.’

Even though the reality star is single, she has alluded to her idea of the right man. While her ideal partner could either be a doctor or a lawyer, for Tumi, the most vital detail about her future relationships surrounds her work. The stewardess has reportedly shared how she does not want to work in yachting forever. She believes that not only does the workload demand finesse, but it also leads people to get into convoluted relationships, which is something she hopes to avoid.

So, even though romance is not on the cards for her at the moment, it is apparent that Tumi knows what she’s looking for. Besides this, the reality TV star also shares varied interests. Other than her penchant for yachting and sailing, she is equally invested in real estate and interior design. Even though she has yet to find her place in the home improvement industry, it is apparent that several professional and personal milestones still await Tumi Mhlongo.

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