Upload Season 3 Episode 1 and 2 Recap: Ticking Clock & Strawberry

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The third season of Prime Video’s ‘Upload’ finds Nathan in two different worlds, one version unaware of the other’s existence. Following the finale of Season 2, the protagonist is now in the real world as well as in the virtual world, where a backup of his was used to create a new version that could continue to exist in Lakeview. This sounds like a good thing at the moment and will surely prove crucial in the events to come, but right now, Nathan has bigger problems on his mind. The premiere episodes of Season 3 tie up the cliffhanger about Freeyond while opening the door for further events in the season. Here’s everything that happens in the first two episodes of the third season of ‘Upload.’

Nathan and Nora Stop the Evil Plan Behind Freeyond

In the last season, Nathan and Nora realized that the only reason a multi-billion-dollar company would decide to give away its most profitable thing for free is that there’s something in it for them. Freeyond meant free space for people who couldn’t afford a place in the afterlife, but it turns out that this is just another scheme to skew the votes in their favor. This leads Nathan to download and come into the real world, but it also means that he is a ticking clock, and his head might explode anytime, so they have to act soon.

Image Credit: Liane Hentscher/Prime Video

Nathan and Nora break into the LA facility of Freeyond but discover that the actual thing is in New Jersey. Nathan cannot access it from afar and will have to go there to stop Freeyond from happening. They know they’ll have to act fast because they witness a super secret meeting of the billionaires, which includes Chaok, who can’t be up to anything good. Meanwhile, Choak sees Nathan in the real world but cannot understand how that might have happened.

Nathan and Ivan go to New Jersey, while Nora and Matteo go to a local Freeyond facility to stop people from going forward with the process. Once in the system, Nathan is confused when he discovers that the system is not big enough to save the consciousness of millions of people, as offered by Freeyond. He receives an answer soon enough when he finds a pre-recorded video in which one of the billionaires from the secret group is making a press release about how their storage facility was attacked by the Ludds and millions of people’s data was lost.

This confirms that Freeyond was never meant to deliver the heaven it had promised to the masses. It was just a ploy to kill the population that they knew would stand against them and vote for the party that wouldn’t favor them. To stop them, Nathan releases the video immediately. After seeing it, people decide not to have themselves uploaded. Nora and Matteo collect the hard drives of the people who were already taken away for upload. They know that there is no Freeyond, and the drives would simply be discarded.

In between this, Detective Sato shows up, and it turns out he is not really a good guy. He tries to kill Matteo and Nora. While she survives, Matteo dies before being uploaded. In trying to save herself, Nora kills Sato. She and Nathan reunite and leave before the cops arrive.

Ingrid Gets a Second Chance with Nathan

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While Nathan, in the real world, handles all these problems, another version of him wakes up in Lakeview. This is restored from a backup that was stored shortly before Family Day in the last season, which means that the new Nathan doesn’t have any memories after that day, and he believes that he and Ingrid are still together. He also doesn’t remember Nora coming back, which turns out to be great for Ingrid, who was planning to cut herself off from Nathan and focus on herself for once.

When Ingrid realizes what has happened, she knows she has a choice here, and she chooses to keep Nathan in the dark about everything that he doesn’t remember. Except for a couple of important things. She blackmails Tinsley and asserts that the latter will have to do whatever she wants now because what Tinsley did was illegal. Ingrid also decides to change herself into a better version, one that Nathan will like, someone like Nora. She gets the short haircut and decides to morph everything about her into what she thinks Nora would be, but then Nathan points out that he loved the way she was before.

This prompts Ingrid to tell Nathan the truth about her upload status. She confesses that she never uploaded and has been conversing with him through the suit. She prepares herself for Nathan’s rage, but he’s unexpectedly calm about it. He says that he’s relieved she isn’t dead and moved that she would do such a thing for him. They’re cool, but he does mention that there shouldn’t be any more secrets between them.

Luke Misses His Friends

Image Credit: Liane Hentscher/Prime Video

With Nathan gone, Luke is heartbroken. He doesn’t yet know about the backup version that was brought to life by Tinsley, which is why he briefly considers the possibility of replacing Nathan, only to realize that his friend is irreplaceable. As if this wasn’t enough, he discovers that Aleesha is moving on too. She got a promotion, which means she has other responsibilities now, and Luke will get a new Angel. This further pushes Luke into a pit of despair, and only spending time with Aleesha can fix him.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Aleesha realizes that the promotion comes with its own set of challenges. Previously, she only had to deal with clients like Luke, which she’d gotten rather good at. But now, she has the responsibility of the AIs and teaching them about human emotions. This proves to be a challenging task, especially when the AIs don’t seem to be taking well to the idea of being taught by someone they don’t know the thing they don’t care about.

Nathan and Nora Meet Strawberry the Cow

Image Credit: Liane Hentscher/Prime Video

Having dealt with Freeyond and its nefarious schemes, Nathan and Nora go on a trip to get the hard drives of the people who were uploaded (or were promised that they would) to their families. They arrive at the house of a man named Elijah, whose parents welcome Nathan and Nora with open arms. Spending a day with them makes the duo realize how much the billionaires are in control of the narrative about what happened at Freeyond.

The next day, they visit the family farm where they meet Strawberry the cow, who is a several-foot-long legless cow with udders that deliver everything from skim milk to cheddar cheese. In between this, Nathan and Nora also discover each other’s small things that they don’t like now that they are face to face. Nathan is still struggling to adjust to the real world, and Nora feels she is still the Angel to his upload. After a couple of awkward situations, they talk it out and clear the air, lest things get messy between them. But this is just the beginning of a very long journey.

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