Review: V-Wars Season 1 Episode 10

Episode 9 was indeed the calm before the storm. As I predicted in my review of the previous episode, the war between the Bloods and humans is far from over. Even the peace treaty that was secured between the two parties was seemingly too simple of a solution for a very complex issue.

With Episode 10, Season 1 of ‘V-Wars’ reinstates its gritty tone and prepares you for a darker season that lies ahead. Surprisingly, the final episode also brings a proper conclusion to a lot of its plot points while evoking a sense of anticipation for a viewer. And just like I mentioned in my previous review, if you have been following ‘V-Wars’ all this while, there is certainly no turning back from this point on. 

V-Wars Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

The Senator finally makes her truce official and a peace treaty is announced between humans and vampires. But with this, Ava, who once worshipped Mike, now starts despising him. Meanwhile, Mike’s health gets worse and he is not even able to feed on human blood anymore. This suggests that the disease he’s suffering from could be terminal. The Senator’s daughter seeks help and confesses it to her mother that she is turning into a vampire. This also makes Dez realize that he may be the last hope for all the people out there who suffer from the illness. 

Everything seems to be going just fine when the publicly distributed “BludSubs” kill almost all the Bloods who try them. It turns out that Dr. Calix had poisoned all of these samples to pit the vampires against humans and his plan gets executed perfectly. Almost all the Bloods are enraged by this attack on their community and they finally unleash themselves on the world with their true superhuman capabilities. 

Even Ava betrays Mike and later introduces Dr. Calix as their new leader. Fayne gets killed because of his acts of treachery towards the Bloods and Dr. Calix exposes 30 million people to the infected prion through the public water supply system. Clearly, he intends to take over the entire world and is only driven by his hunger for power. That’s probably the reason why he was initially so determined to identify the gene that transforms people into vampires. In the final moments of the episodes, Mila, who always hated being a Blood, reaches out to Luther and joins forces with him to battle Calix’s army of the Bloods. 

V-Wars Season 1 Episode 10 Review

From the entire tone of the storyline to the dispositions of the main characters, Episode 10 changes everything. All this while, Luther’s character was all about establishing peace between the two opposing forces and he never really wanted to use any form of violence to settle the ongoing war. But at the end of the first season, he boldly picks up a weapon and sets out to destroy the enemy lines. This main reason for this transformation is probably the fact that his son has been abducted by the Bloods. And after Mike’s death, he has nothing to lose, except for his son. 

‘V-Wars’ draws major themes in context with group prejudice. However, unlike many other similar TV shows and movies, it never really parallels between the plight of its fictional characters and real-world historical oppressions. This approach works really well as it does not try to forcefully treat all kinds of oppression as the same. 

On the downside, the series, at times, seems a bit too confused about how it’s trying to treat its characters. There are instances where it tries to portray the vampires as a superior species of its own kind, and then there are other moments, where it depicts them as the victims of a disease. Even its overall narrative is nestled with several cliches that you would expect from a TV show of its kind. 

Overall, though I wouldn’t call it the best Vampire T.V show, it certainly is binge-worthy. There are times when its sedated pace takes a toll on you, but its heavy-hitting ending does make up for that. And despite all the cultural saturation that vampires have received over the years, ‘V-Wars’ is successfully able to establish itself as an atypical drama that offers something uniquely engrossing.

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