Vigil Season 2: What Happened to Amy’s Cat?

In ‘Vigil’ Season 1, DCI Amy Silva’s assignment aboard an underwater Navy Submarine, HMS Vigil, brings the detective back into her ex-partner Kirsten Longacre’s orbit. As the former readies herself to investigate the mysterious death of one Craig Burke on the underwater vessel, she finds herself in need of an on-shore partner for correspondence. For the same reason, Amy contacts Kirsten— with whom she shares a shorthand. Consequently, Kirsten also ends up looking over her ex-girlfriend’s cat, Catherine, nicknamed “Cat.”

However, even though Cat shows up on numerous occasions, wandering around Amy’s house, the feline remains absent within the narrative in season 2. Thus, Cat’s noticeable absence must have caught the fans’ attention, compelling them to wonder: what happened to Amy’s pawed companion?

Catherine’s Absence from the Silva-Longacre Household

While Amy’s cat never really becomes a full-formed character on its own, its presence lends some attributes to its owner. In season 1, Amy’s struggle with emotional vulnerability played a significant role in her character’s emotional growth. After undergoing a traumatic accident wherein the woman lost her previous partner, Amy’s relationship with the latter’s daughter, Poppy, also took a severe hit. The abrupt separation from her family sent the detective down a depressive spiral that even manifested as suicidal tendencies at times.

Yet, Amy started getting a hold of her life somewhere along the line. Even though her coping mechanisms— overworking at the office— were hardly ideal, they helped her get through a dark time. Eventually, Kirsten came along as a new transfer at the station, bringing unexpected love and happiness into Amy’s life. Thus, despite the couple’s relationship eventually falling apart, it significantly changed Amy for the better.

Therefore, Catherine’s simple, silent presence showcases some emotional growth in Amy’s character. Furthermore, it also brings Amy’s severed relationship with Poppy into stark highlight by depicting that the woman is actively seeking out a caretaking role in her daughter’s absence.

Thus, as season two rolls around, with Amy and Kirsten’s relationship back on track and better than ever, Amy’s personal life is thriving. The two women have gained custody of Poppy and have another child on the way through Kirsten’s pregnancy. As such, Amy’s family dynamic has improved significantly from the previous season when the only thing waiting for the woman in her house was her cat. Instead, this time, she has a partner and two kids waiting for her return from her mission at Wudyan.

For the same reason, Catherine’s on-screen presence loses its crucial significance since the feline is no longer needed to convey Amy’s emotional development as a character. However, the same doesn’t necessarily mean something adverse or noteworthy must have happened to the cat. It’s possible that Catherine is well and alive and continues to be a part of the Silva-Longacre clan, even though the viewers don’t get a glimpse at the pet as they did in season one. Nonetheless, since Catherine’s inclusion in the plot isn’t necessary for thematic or emotional plot progression anymore, it’s possible that the season two narrative simply doesn’t feature her for the same reason.

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