Viral and Aashay: Is the Indian Matchmaking Duo Still Together?

While there’s no denying Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking‘ season 3 features a host of intriguing new and familiar faces alike, the pairing of Viral Joshi and Aashay Shah definitely surpasses them all. That’s because not only was this duo introduced to us (and one another) back in season 2, but they’ve also arguably since had the most cozily successful dates despite being long-distance. So now, if you simply wish to learn more about their experiences together as well as their current standing (aka precise relationship status), don’t worry because we’ve got the details for you.

Viral and Aashay’s Indian Matchmaking Journey

Although North Carolinian Viral initially came across as quite a stubborn and headstrong woman whose independence mattered more to her than anything else, the truth is she is so much more. Yes, it is true that her goal was, is, and will likely always be: “Be a boss, date a boss, build an empire,” but the reason behind it is she’s an only child in a Gujarati family with a lot of responsibilities. It thus comes as no surprise her criteria list largely included aspects she brought to the table herself — well-educated, responsible, debt-free, ambitious, travel enthusiast, and entirely self-made.

Matchmaker Sima Taparia did subsequently tell Viral she should expect merely 60 or 70% of her standards, driving her to make it clear she was looking for nothing short of an equal partnership. The 30-year-old Durham native had no interest in being someone’s “other half;” she just wanted her true significant other, which is why she ended up rejecting both Viral Kothari and Jaymin Mehta. That’s when New York-based optometrist Aashay Shah came into the picture, just for her to be completely impressed by him from the get-go despite their evident personality differences.

Aashay is definitely a bit more reserved than Viral, yet his ability to not only handle himself during their first meeting alongside her parents but also confidently express himself left her truly curious. The Clinical Researcher did find the Doctor physically attractive, though it was mostly his complimentary interests since he grew up in India, his own Gujarati upbringing, and his intelligence that lured her. The fact he was utterly patient with her throughout their ensuing indoor rock climbing date to break the ice was a massive plus as well, only for things to get better with their conversations.

Viral and Aashay hence realized they were similar enough to maybe build a solid foundation while also having some differences that’ll help them grow, making them decide to continue their bond. It was then certainly a challenging period for the duo because they had to travel a lot just to see one another, yet they both admitted it was worth it as real, sincere feelings had already developed. In fact, despite the Doctor not openly revealing his future plans, he made his intentions clear by asking her to come with him to meet his family all the way in Vadodara, India, following six months.

Viral and Aashay Seem to be Together

It was seemingly back in the initial few months of their relationship that Viral and Aashay had a few difficult conversations regarding what they were, their long distance, and their expectations. Therefore, the couple was always on the same page whenever asked if they were moving ahead in this connection — they said they were taking things one day at a time, but it felt wholly right. His ensuing her comfort at every step of the way, her bringing out her softer side only for him, as well as his buying diamond jewelry without blinking an eye just because she liked it, are honestly a few bare examples of the way matters have progressed for them over time.

“I haven’t really dated someone that I felt this kind of connection with this quickly,” Aashay ultimately conceded. “…It’s been less than six months, but we’ve said “love you” to each other, you know, we’ve done all that… So, yeah, things are going well.” Viral then also referred to him as “the perfect guy for” her before adding, “I can’t believe in the span of this short time, like, life has just taken a total 180. When I started this whole process, I went on one date a year, and now I have the best boyfriend ever. He’s the best. He really is the best. It’s very nice, and we’ve come a long way.”

Therefore, we’re happy to report it appears as if Viral and Aashay are still together — they haven’t publicly stated anything recently as they prefer to be on the down low, yet their online presence does have some clues. Not only have they traveled to a few similar places over the last year, but they also seemingly attended the premiere of Netflix’s ‘The Romantics’ together at The Paris Theater in New York City, New York, in February. Plus, after his parents’ approval, the former’s Instagram bio has begun suggesting she now splits her time between North Carolina and New York to have the work-life balance needed for her to settle down with Aashay.

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