Virginia Roberts Giuffre: Where is Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Survivor Now?

Image Credit: Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich/Netflix

Although it’s been nearly five years since Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide upon getting arrested for sex trafficking, the matter still remains relevant as his alleged victims never got justice. This much is actually even underscored in Netflix’s ‘Scoop,’ especially considering how several of this infamous financier’s associates — like Prince Andrew — also got away scot-free. We actually deliberately name the latter because Virginia Louise Roberts Giuffre has always vehemently maintained she was forcefully trafficked for him while she was still a minor at 17.

Who is Virginia Roberts?

Although born in Sacramento, California, on August 9, 1983, to Sky and Lynn Roberts, Virgina actually primarily grew up around Palm Beach County, Florida, alongside her younger brother. The truth is this family had relocated to Loxahatchee for better opportunities when she was merely four, unaware she’d then lose every ounce of stability owing to brutal, harrowing abuse. According to reports, not only did she come from a broken, “troubled home,” but she also started being molested by a close family friend at the age of seven, driving her to run away for good.

Image Credit: Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich/Netflix

Virginia thus went from one foster home to another or lived on the streets for the ensuing few years, that is, until 65-year-old known international sex trafficker Ron Eppinge found her in Miami. He abused her too, yet she reportedly stayed with him for six months, that is, until an FBI raid of his prostitution plus money laundering operations inadvertently led to her being reunited with Lynn. That’s when she began working at a Mar-a-Lago property owned by Donald Trump thanks to her father already being a maintenance manager there, which is how she came across Ghislaine Maxwell.

Virginia was a spa attendant at the time, only to be recruited by this British socialite under the pretense of working as a very well-paid traveling masseuse for her and Jeffrey Epstein. However, instead of actual work, this duo not only began using her for sex but also started grooming her to engage in such activities with several of their other “influential friends” too. In fact, per her own accounts, between 1999 and 2002, she was trafficked to Prince Andrew on three separate occasions: once to London, once to New York, and then finally on a private Caribbean island owned by Jeffrey.

As if that’s not enough, Virginia has since also come forward to reveal she was paid $15,000 to actually have sex with the Prince, but the latter has always refuted all these allegations. There is photographic proof of their meeting, but that’s it. Moreover, we should mention she has also claimed that she was forced to get physical with Hedge Fund manager Glenn Dubin, attorney Alan Dershowitz, politician Bill Richardson, scientist Marvin Minsky, lawyer George J. Mitchell, plus modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel too. As if that’s not enough, she once even asserted she saw former president Bill Clinton with two young women on Jeffrey’s infamous island.

Image Credit: Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich/Netflix

Then there’s the fact that at the age of 19, Ghislaine Maxwell flew Virginia to Chiang Mai, Thailand so that she could attend the International Training Massage School and learn more skills. The original plan was allegedly for her to recruit another girl, but then she unexpectedly came across an Australian martial arts trainer by the name of Robert Giuffre, only for them to quickly fall head over heels in love. So the duo quickly tied the knot, following which the former contacted Jeffrey to let him know she wouldn’t ever be returning – she actually settled down with her husband in Australia.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre is Now an Advocate and Proud Family Woman

It was in 2007 when Virginia was first contacted by authorities in regard to her connection with Jeffrey Epstein, and she courageously ultimately managed to tell them everything with the support of her husband. She hence filed a case against the financier as well as the socialite in 2009 as Jane Doe, and she was a part of his impeeding 2019 trial too, but sadly to no avail. From what we can tell, she also sued Prince Andrew in a civil court in New York in 2019, but this was settled with him paying her an undisclosed amount and also making a substantial donation to her charity in February 2022.

Virginia’s charity is actually her non-profit organization, Victims Refuse Silence, which she established in 2015 as a way to offer her fellow victims of sex trafficking some support. This was later rebranded as Speak Out, Act, Reclaim (SOAR) in November 2021, with the sole aim of pursuing justice as well as continuing to support survivors. As for Virginia’s personal standing, from what we can tell, she’s still based in Australia and blissfully married to Robert Giuffre, with whom she shares three beautiful children. In other words, today, with her husband, kids, fur babies, as well as advocacy work, she appears rather content, which is all that matters in the long run.

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