VoChill Shark Tank Update: Where Are They Now?

Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

Since there’s no denying every bit of innovation can and does change the world, ABC’s ‘Shark Tank‘ is essentially the epitome of inspiration, influence, as well as ideation for aspiring creators. After all, it offers them a platform to pitch their vision for not just investment but also global exposure — something the founders of VoChill took complete advantage of in season 14 episode 10. So now, if you wish to learn more about this particular company, with a specific focus on its origin, its workings, its impact, as well as its current standing, we’ve got the essential details for you.

VoChill: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

A glass of crisp, cold wine is probably the one thing most adults love while looking to relax, but let’s be honest, there is always a big difference in its temperate between the first sip and the last. This issue is one that admittedly bothered happily married couple Lisa and Randall Pawlik for years, especially considering they’re based in warm Austin, Texas, driving them to develop VoChill. This product is thus the first-ever personal wine glass chiller that, in their words, keeps the beverage at the perfect cold temperature without taking away from any of its original enjoyment.

Randall and Lisa are actually both wine enthusiasts, meaning they began brainstorming as soon as they realized there was a need for a mere holder to rest their glass in to keep the drink chilled. After all, they knew first-hand that ice, any other frozen insertions, or plastic/metal tumblers just wouldn’t do as they would affect the drink’s original bouquet, character, and overall flavor profile. Hence, they came up with a beautiful cradle of sorts, which truly controls the wine’s temperature from outside without utilizing electricity or chemicals, leading to the company’s launch in 2018.

The truth is the Pawliks are not only personally connected to this endeavor owing to their tastes, but they’re also professionally primed for it thanks to their life experiences until this very moment. Randall is reportedly an entrepreneurial inventor at heart since he’d begun dabbling in his family’s farm business at quite an early age, all the while spending his free time tinkering with machines. On the other hand, Lisa had randomly found her passion for wine at the age of 20 during her first trip to Europe, just to later specialize in the world of corporate innovation, sales, and marketing.

VoChill Are Expanding Their Business Today

Considering the core essence of the product, as well as the co-founders’ undeniable dedication, determination, and hard work, it’s honestly no surprise VoChill is doing incredibly well these days. The Wine Chiller seemingly went on the market in late 2020 despite labor shortages due to COVID-19 and packaging issues, but they managed to work through it all with the help of some initial investors. The fact they have patents pending plays a crucial role in their industry standing as well, particularly as it directly affects how possible competitors can maybe enter the market.

You can currently purchase your VoChill Wine Chillers from the company’s official website or Amazon, where you’ll have both a stemless and a stemmed option to choose from, as seen above. Moreover, there are seven colors — quartz, blush, stone, sand, graphite, cyan, and rose — you can pick from to ensure it matches your tableware, your personality, as well as your drink of choice. That’s because VoChill is perfect for all kinds of wines, whether it be red, white, rosé, or sparking; all you have to do is store your chiller in the freezer for at least three hours before use.

We should mention that VoChill has already been featured in multiple global publications, including Food Network, NBC News, The Winerist, Nigel Barker, Austin Monthly, Today, Readers Digest, USA Today, Taste of Home, and E! Online, amongst many others. Therefore, apart from expanding their reach as much as possible, their goal for the future now is to extend their product line and even begin dabbling in the world of retail as well as hospitality. As for Randall and Lisa, the couple continues to reside in Austin, Texas, where they are proud to serve as VoChill’s co-owners while dedicating themselves to their family.

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