Voir Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled?

Executive produced by legendary filmmakers David Fincher and David Prior, Netflix’s ‘Voir’ revolves around the marvelous ways in which movies have changed peoples’ lives. It is a six-episode series that focuses on film lovers who examine and narrate their experiences, rewatching and reliving the most compelling moments observed in cinema. The six entries start on a very similar note as a group of hardcore movie buffs — Drew McWeeny, Walter Chaw, Sasha Stone, Tony Zhou, Taylor Ramos —  are captured doing what they love the most: watching and talking about movies.

Releasing on December 6, 2021, these hour-long episodes are fully devoted to the art and wonders of movie-going that has become a mode of survival for some in today’s world, if not a remarkable experience. Movie buffs now might be wondering if the show is planning to return with more in-depth and intriguing accounts of like-minded souls celebrating their love for films. If yes, we’d like to tell you everything that we know about the second season!

Voir Season 2 Release Date

‘Voir’ season 1 released on December 6, 2021, in its entirety on Netflix. The first season has 6 episodes that last for an hour each. The show serves as a tribute to the act of watching movies which makes for an interesting premise.

With respect to the second season, here’s all that we have gathered. The network has not decided whether to renew the series as of now. However, we have ample reasons to expect its smooth return. David Fincher’s unsurpassed expertise has been observed in other Netflix shows such as ‘House of Cards‘ (one of the first-ever Netflix originals), the eerily intense crime-drama series ‘Mindhunter,’ and the excitingly gory ‘Love, Death, and Robots.’ All of these shows have crossed the one-season mark and have been wildly loved by audiences worldwide. So ‘Voir’ too might follow suit.

Apart from that, it should be noted that Netflix has bought the Paris Theater in New York. Although it is mostly used to screen Netflix films, they also feature memorable classics. So we can assume that the company is essentially filled with movie lovers who don’t shy away from immersing themselves in the cinema-loving culture. In fact, ‘Voir’ is presumably the product of the deep adoration the network has for cinema, and what better way to showcase that than collaborating with one of the best filmmakers ever to exist.

The idea for conceiving the show goes far back as December 2017. Fincher had a discussion with ‘The Empty Man‘ director David Prior during secret meetings between critics. So it is possible for the executive producers to stretch the show into more episodes where viewers will get a better take on the nuances of filmmaking. In case the show is recommissioned, the production will take up some time, so we might have to wait for a while before new episodes roll out. Considering the release date of the first season, we can expect ‘Voir’ season 2 to release sometime in Q4 2023. 

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