Wanda Sykes’ ‘Undercard’ Begins Production in Puerto Rico in June

The production of Wanda Sykes-starrer ‘Undercard’ is slated to begin in Puerto Rico in June. Tamika Miller is directing this upcoming feature film based on a screenplay she wrote with Anita M. Cal. The plot follows a boxing trainer (Sykes) who, after abandoning her son when he was only six, reunites with him to coach him to tackle the biggest fight of his career.

Miller recently directed an episode of the TV series ‘Quantum Leap.’ She also co-wrote and directed the movie ‘Honor Student,’ which follows a teenage scholar at an elite Washington prep school who seeks justice after losing his twin brother in a mass shooting. Additionally, she has directed episodes of shows like ‘The Equalizer‘ and ‘Station 19.’ Miller’s credits include the comedy film ‘The Christmas Lottery,’ in which a family, after winning the lottery but losing the ticket, must reconcile their differences to find it before Christmas Day.

“Wanda is a tremendous talent and an absolute force. When I thought of who to play the role of a former boxer turned boxing trainer, I thought of Wanda. Wanda is a woman in the male-dominated field of comedy and has been slaying it for over 20 years. And, it’s her fearlessness, determination, and vulnerability that I see in this role as a trainer in the male-dominated sport of boxing attempting to do what no other woman has ever done – train her son to a world championship title. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have Wanda on board ‘Undercard.’ And, bravo to Catalyst Studios for championing my vision!” shared Miller in a statement.

The movie marks Sykes’ first dramatic film role. She co-created Netflix’s ‘The Upshaws‘ and stars in the sitcom as Lucretia Turner. The series focuses on a working-class African American family in Indiana striving to navigate life without a roadmap. She also appeared in ‘The Other Two‘ as Shuli Kucerac and portrayed Shirley Chisholm in ‘History of the World: Part II’, a sequel to Mel Brooks’ 1981 film ‘History of the World: Part I.’ Her recent credits include roles in projects such as ‘Velma,’ ‘Chivalry,’ and ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show.’

“I have been talking with Tamika about ‘Undercard’ for the longest, I’m thrilled it’s finally happening. I am excited about entering this boxing world and looking forward to the challenge,” added Sykes.

Puerto Rico has previously hosted the shooting of several Hollywood productions. DC Studios’ ‘Blue Beetle‘ and Gerard Butler’s ‘Plane’ are two of them.

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