What Does Severance’s Lumon Industries Do? Is it a Real Company?

‘Severance’ is a thriller series set on the premises of Lumon Industries. This shady corporate entity subjects some of its employees to the “severance” process, a scientific procedure that separates a person’s work-related and personal memories. As a result, employees cannot access their personal memories at work and vice versa.

However, the company is hiding some dark secrets, and employee Mark Scout soon finds himself at the center of a conspiracy. As Mark tries to unravel the mysteries, viewers learn more about the company and its true nature. If you are wondering what exactly Lumon Industries does and whether it is based on any real company, here’s everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Does Lumon Industries Do?

Lumon Industries is a corporate empire that is said to be established in the 1800s. No specific answers are provided about the company’s business, but it is hinted that Lumon has various wings and dabbles in multiple businesses. Among them, medicine and technology are the most prominent. The company’s “severance” procedure is evidence of the same. However, other than these basic details, not much is revealed about the company’s history and ownership.

However, the company seems to have a considerable presence, and most locals work at Lumon. Severance is common knowledge among citizens, and there are various schools of thought on the moral, ethical, and sociological aspects of the procedure. Therefore, it is clear that Lumon is a large corporation with multiple revenue streams, products, and corporate facets.

One of the departments at Lumon is macro data refining, which Mark heads. The department employees work on the severed floor, indicating that the job deals with top-secret and sensitive data. However, the employees and viewers only see this data in the form of digits on a screen. The mystery around the true nature of the department’s job raises questions about Lumon as a business entity.

Is Lumon Industries Based on a Real Company?

No, Lumon Industries does not appear to be based on any real company. After all, a company that subjects its employees to an experimental scientific procedure would cause a major stir in the real world. However, Lumon Industries isn’t unlike any typical corporate entity. It tries to squeeze the maximum effort out of its employees and, to do so, goes as far as to remove their personal life-related memories. Lumon Industries is a fictional entity that serves as a primary setting for the story that is a dark and twisted examination of real-world corporate life.

The company’s employees receive meager incentives and are kept under strict surveillance while at work. Therefore, it is evident that Lumon Industries serves as an effective storytelling device for the makers to make social commentary about the ethics of real-world corporate entities. Moreover, its secretive nature has given wind to many conspiracy theories about its true nature and purpose. This adds a layer of mystery to the narrative and provides the protagonist with a central quest. As Mark investigates Lumon, we are sure viewers will learn more about the company’s true nature.

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