What Happened to Sister Jenny? Why Did Jessica Raine Leave Call the Midwife?

Overcome by a gratifying realization after caring for her friend’s dying mother, Sister Jennifer “Jenny” Lee decides to leave the Nonnatus House. Despite leading the charge in several strenuous situations, Sister Jenny finds that her true passions lie elsewhere. Consequently, season 3 features the midwife’s decision to leave Poplar.

Jessica Raine portrays the character of Jenny Lee, which is further based on Jennifer Worth, the author of the ‘Call the Midwife’ memoirs. Naturally, fans have been heartbroken to see the pioneering character leave the show. So, if you’re also wondering more about the actress’ reason for departure and her latest projects, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Why Did Jessica Raine Leave Call the Midwife?

One of the original midwives on the show, Jessica Raine, made her exit after portraying the character of Jenny Lee for three seasons. As the finale approached, Jenny’s storyline shifted exponentially. The character is phased out after the midwife cares for her friend’s dying mother. As she comes to the realization that people nearing their death need more help than those coming into this world, the nurse packs her bags.

The epiphany leads her to move away from Nonnatus House and take a new position at the Marie Curie Hospice, Hampstead. While her exit from the show remained open-ended, the network has not provided any hint on her return. Moreover, actress Jessica Raine also confirmed in numerous interviews that she was ready to move on from the BBC Drama. Having solidified her presence in the show and accruing enough experience, Jessica felt that it was best to call it quits and branch out into other projects.

The actress had also expressed her interest in pursuing a film career in Hollywood to numerous news outlets. However, her exit from the show wasn’t so easy. With a heavy heart, Jessica felt privileged to enact the inspiring story of Jennifer Worth. However, despite the satisfying experience she gained on set, Jessica still felt it was time to explore new pastures. Ultimately, after working with the cast and crew for three seasons, the actress left the show in 2014. Naturally, fans have wondered what direction did Jessica go.

Where is Jessica Raine Now?

Soon after completing her portrayal of a pioneering woman in the 1900s, Jessica joined BBC’s police drama ‘Line of Duty.’ Unlike the emblem of duty and righteousness that made her character so inspiring on ‘Call the Midwife,’ the actress expressed interest in widening her horizons and exploring different genres. While her performance in the anti-corruption unit won her wide renown, the actress didn’t limit her abilities. Soon after, she starred in ‘Partners in Crime,’ a television series based on Agatha Christie’s work and set in the 1950s.

She accrued another feather in the cap when she played Alison Laithwaite in ‘The Last Post,’ a character quite opposite to Midwife Jenny Lee. Created by Peter Moffat, the drama is set against the backdrop of the Aden Emergency and zeroes in the lives of several families. Jessica was deeply amazed with the character and defined her transformation on the show as equally interesting.

Most recently, she starred in ‘Baptiste,’ where she played the character of Genevieve Taylor, a liaison officer in the Netherlands. Her other latest projects include, ‘Carmilla,’ ‘Blackshore,’ ‘Becoming Elizabeth,’ and ‘The Devil’s Hour.’ Besides this, she is an equally accomplished theatre and radio artist. As such, she is consistently working on perfecting her crafts through different forms of media. As of late, the actress has largely maintained her privacy and focused on enjoying time with her loved ones.

Albeit inactive on social media, Jessica enjoys spending time with her family and friends. The actress met her husband, Tom Goodman-Hill, in 2013 during the production of ‘Earthquakes in London.’ After two years of dating, the couple decided to tie the knot in 2015. Shortly after, Jessica and Tom welcomed their newborn son and have since focused on his upbringing, too. While the family likes to maintain their privacy and keep their latest updates under wraps, it is apparent that they are exponentiating at a great pace.

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