When and Where Does Becoming Elizabeth Take Place?

Becoming Elizabeth’ is a period drama that makes use of beautiful locations and intricate costumes to tell a politically complex tale. It begins with the death of a king and follows the making of a queen. The central character of the story is Elizabeth I. Following her teenage years, we see all the factors that influence and pave the path for her toward the throne. Despite all the manipulation and dirty politics that goes on in it, the show stays conscious of its authenticity. There is always something brewing in it, and just like Elizabeth, the audience too has to be wary of every character’s intentions and motivations. The fast pace of the show gives the audience the feeling that things are moving too fast and too much is happening at once. If this makes you curious about the setting of the show, then here’s all you need to know about it. SPOILERS AHEAD

When Does Becoming Elizabeth Take Place?

‘Becoming Elizabeth’ begins in 1547, with the death of King Henry VIII. The show charts Elizabeth I’s journey through her teenage years to the time when she took the crown and became the queen of England in 1558. The events in the show happen in a span of a decade or so, which sees a tumultuous time in the English court. The crowning of Edward VI, a nine-year-old boy, leads to an intense tussle in the court, leading Mary Tudor to contest the standing of her own.

A few years into his reign, Edward VI dies and leaves another conflict for his successors. While the law dictates that Mary should be the queen, Edward leaves the will to Lady Jane Grey. However, Mary succeeds in clenching the throne and becomes a queen in 1516, creating further problems for Elizabeth, until 1558. While a decade doesn’t feel like a long time as compared to Elizabeth’s forty-five-year-long reign, the impact of the events that happened in it was highly significant.

Where Does Becoming Elizabeth Take Place?

‘Becoming Elizabeth’ takes place in England, during the era of the Tudors. Most of the drama takes place in Whitehall Palace. It was the main residence of the monarchy for 168 years. Henry VIII turned it into the royal residence after the Palace of Westminster was destroyed by fire. Interestingly, Whitehall Palace also met the same fate.

Another key location of the series is Chelsea Manor. Elizabeth spends a few years here, under the care of her stepmother Catherine Parr. The manor doesn’t exist anymore; you’ll find residential streets in its place. Framlingham Castle also serves as an important part of the series. Mary Tudor takes up residence here and, with her supporters, hatches a plan to take the crown for herself. The castle still stands and is run as a tourist attraction.

While the locations mentioned in the show are pretty real, ‘Becoming Elizabeth’ was not filmed at those places. With most of those places destroyed or under protection, the crew turned to places like Bristol and Cardiff to film the outdoor scenes. The indoors, however, were mostly elaborate sets built specifically for the show.

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