What Happened to the Becks? Will Adam Ruzek Arrest Them in Chicago PD?

Image Credit: Lori Allen/NBC

The fifteenth episode of NBC’s police procedural series ‘Chicago P.D.’ season 10 follows the Intelligence Unit’s investigation into multiple deaths that happen in an apartment in Chicago. Hank Voight and his team’s investigation into the deaths leads them to the Becks, a family that deals with a high amount of drugs throughout the city. To bring them down, Adam Ruzek goes undercover and infiltrates the family as a new addition to their crew. Although the episode ends with a cliffhanger concerning the Becks, the sixteenth episode of the season doesn’t revolve around the family. If you are eager to know what happened to them, here’s what we can share! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to the Becks?

In the fifteenth episode of the tenth season, Adam pretends to help Samantha Beck, who doesn’t question his cover story. He tells her that he wants to join her family’s drug business as a dealer, only for her to take him to her father and the Beck patriarch Richard Beck. He accepts Adam into his crew. The police officer learns that the Becks are not only drug dealers but also white supremacists who propagate neo-Nazi ideas. He learns from Samantha that her father doesn’t necessarily deal drugs for money but also for “supplies” or “preparations,” which are seemingly necessary for a race war. After Samantha’s revelation in the fifteenth episode, the sixteenth episode doesn’t follow the Becks at all.

Image Credit: Lori Allen/NBC

The episode revolves around the trial of Arturo Morales, who is captured by Voight’s unit in the thirteenth episode of the season. Although the Becks do not feature in the sixteenth episode of the season, the investigation into the family hasn’t been dropped. In the same episode, Kim Burgess confirms that Adam is still working undercover to arrest the Becks, which makes it evident that the family’s storyline hasn’t been concluded yet. ‘Chicago P.D.’ doesn’t really follow a consecutive episode structure for the storylines. Although Morales is captured in the thirteenth episode, his trial only happens in the sixteenth episode. Likewise, the Becks may feature in the seventeenth or eighteenth episode of the season.

Will Adam Ruzek Arrest Them?

When Adam starts working undercover to bring down the Becks, Voight makes it clear that they need “something big” to arrest them. What starts a narcotics investigation quickly becomes an investigation into a potential race war. However, Voight cannot sanction an arrest as long as a crime is committed in the name of white supremacist notions. Thus, Adam is forced to find a way to arrest the family or at least the patriarch Richard as part of a narcotics case to prevent the impending war. Considering Richard’s operations, it will not be easy for Adam to arrest the Beck patriarch.

Image Credit: Lori Allen/NBC

In the fifteenth episode of season 10, Adam and his team fail to arrest him even after knowing about a large consignment of drugs. Richard, without being aware of the mole in his crew, sends several trucks along with the drug-filled one to challenge the authorities. He succeeds in trading the drugs efficiently with the same plan since it is impossible for Adam’s team to follow each truck without arousing suspicion. Having said that, arresting the Becks may not be an impossibility, especially considering the trust he builds with Samantha and her son. Since Samantha reveals the secrets about her father to Adam, it is safe to assume that the undercover officer has formed a connection with her.

Adam may take advantage of his connection with Samantha to arrest Richard. Since Richard is “poisoning” Samantha’s son with neo-Nazi ideas and notions, she may want him gone from his grandson’s life as much as Adam. The police officer may convince Samantha to reveal more about Richard’s operations and plans, which may help him seize the drug consignments to arrest the latter with the help of his unit. In addition, Samantha isn’t the only one who trusts Adam. Considering that Richard has expressed his desire to have Adam on his side in the impending war, he must be trusting the officer like his daughter. Adam may succeed in taking advantage of the same and eventually arrest him.

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