What Happens to Bruno at the End of Control Z Season 3?

Netflix’s ‘Control Z‘ returns in season 3 with some familiar enemies and some very ominous new dangers for the students of Central School. The vicious hacker known simply as @allyoursecrets turns up once again and begins blackmailing students about the death of their principal, Susana. As Sofía and her classmates struggle to find out the identity of their tormentor, a complex web of motives and secrets stands in their path.

Bruno has been suspected in the past (season 1) and has also spent some time in prison. However, the former head of the Central School’s IT department has not been part of the narrative for quite a while, which makes his appearance in season 3 all the more surprising. The young man seems to face a pretty ominous fate near the season finale. Or does he survive? Let’s take a look at how things turn out for Bruno at the end of ‘Control Z’ season 3. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happens to Bruno at the End?

Bruno is the surprise entry of season 3 and is revealed to be a crucial piece of the puzzle. Sofia finally tracks down the source of @allyoursecret’s messages to a decrepit apartment where she finds Bruno holed up, still spreading people’s secrets and manipulating them. On being confronted, however, he tells Sofia that he has lost control of his underlings, and they now plan to kill him.

In season 1, Bruno sets up @allyoursecrets and also helps Raúl hack into his classmates’ phones. However, the IT head is later caught, fired, and sent to prison, where he survives on money that Raúl sends him. Unable to hold down a job after prison, Bruno reactivates @allyoursecrets and begins to use a photo from Raúl’s phone to blackmail the students. Where things get really slippery is when Bruno makes an online forum called “No Impunity,” which quickly begins gaining members. Soon, there is a small army of masked youngsters parading around as @allyoursecrets.

Bruno claims that the army has now turned on him and wants to kill him. However, Sofía later realizes that he still controls the youngsters by blackmailing them. In the tense season 3 finale, she tells the youngsters to take off their masks, essentially revealing Bruno’s identity and the fact that he is the one that’s been blackmailing them. The last that we see of Bruno he is being swamped by the vengeful youngsters.

Despite the clearly dark fate that Bruno suffers, it is unclear whether he is killed. The ones assaulting him are mostly high school students who, with their masks off, likely do not have it in them to commit murder. However, Bruno also claims to still have all their secrets, which he cannot be allowed to keep.

In the end, it seems like Bruno is either arrested (since the students eventually confess to the police) or is forced to run away after all his data is confiscated. Therefore, as he has done twice before, it seems that Bruno might still be capable of causing more havoc if he ever gets his hands on a computer again. However, he will no longer have proximity to the National School or its students, making them relatively safe from him.

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