Who is the Hacker in Control Z Season 3: Raúl or Javier?

Netflix’s ‘Control Z‘ gets even darker in season 3, which opens with the death of the principal of the National School. The students, who each hold dark secrets of their own, begin to once again be harassed by the vicious online hacker known only as @allyoursecrets. This time, the faceless villain seems even more bent upon violence, and soon it is not just people’s secrets but also their lives that are in jeopardy.

For his involvement with @allyoursecrets in season 1, Raúl is once again looked at as the possible villain. However, no one is above suspicion, and even Javier seems to have some secrets. Season 3 ends with a particularly delicious twist, so let’s take a closer look at ‘Control Z’ and see who is the real hacker behind it all. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is the Hacker: Raúl or Javier?

Raúl and Javier are on opposite ends of the spectrum for most of the show. While the former is often involved with grimy activities and is revealed to have helped @allyoursecrets in the past, Javier is as straight-laced as they come and hasn’t been a major suspect so far. However, this changes in season 3 when it is revealed that even Javier is hiding something. As it turns out, the principal’s body, which mysteriously disappears from the scene of the incident, is moved by Javier’s father, who believes he is protecting his son by doing so. When Javier reveals as much to Sofía, she breaks up with him and continues the investigation on her own.

Once Javier’s involvement in the mysterious activities is revealed, it seems that he might be capable of more. However, it soon becomes clear that the young football player is well-meaning and only does what he does out of fear. This, again, is quite different from Raúl, who has a habit of scheming. However, in season 3, the once-wealthy young man is beset with problems and ends up losing all his money and his palatial house. This makes it seem like Raúl couldn’t be the hacker, seeing as how much he suffers himself.

In the end, the hacker is revealed to be Bruno, the school’s former head of IT, who is fired after his involvement with @allyoursecrets is discovered. Bruno claims that he has lost control of the many members that have joined the online hacker’s mission since it started and that they are now after his life. However, it is later seen that Bruno himself is still in control of the group.

Thus, both Javier and Raúl seem to be innocent, at least on the surface. However, things aren’t always so simple in the world of ‘Control Z,’ and there might be more secrets at play. In the closing moments of season 3, Javier posits that it was actually Raúl who was in control of @allyoursecrets the whole time and that he did it so he and Sofía would end up together. As outrageous as it sounds, Javier makes a valid point about how Raúl could have feigned his misfortunes in order to appear innocent.

Ultimately, seeing as Javier had nothing to gain from being the hacker, the question that remains is whether Raúl is the hacker or not. There is a distinct possibility that he could have controlled Bruno from the shadows, letting the latter take the blame for the actions of @allyoursecrets while benefitting from the chaos caused by the group. If Raúl is, in fact, the hacker, this would mean that his plan worked in the end (seeing as how he ended up with Sofía).

There is actually a very good chance that Raúl is the hacker, given that he has conspired with Bruno in the past and is known for his heartless self-serving schemes. The reason everyone suspects him is that they know Raúl is capable of committing the atrocious actions attributed to @allyoursecrets. Finally, and perhaps most tellingly, Raúl is last seen on an expensive motorcycle, which is strange for someone who’s broke. Thus, the show essentially gives us all the clues to piece together the fact that Raúl is the hacker and that he essentially feigned all his misfortunes to avoid suspicion.

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