What Happens to Jeff and Goodyear in Finch? Are They Dead or Alive?

‘Finch’ is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama that follows one man’s epic cross country journey with his faithful dog and newly created robotic assistant. As one of the last humans on Earth, the film’s titular character is forced to abandon his shelter and flee to more hospitable areas when a deadly storm threatens to come their way.

However, about halfway through the film, it becomes clear that everything Finch is doing is to ensure not his own safety but the wellbeing of his dog, Goodyear, instead. In fact, it is revealed the robot has been created primarily to ensure the canine’s safety once Finch is dead. So what finally happens to Jeff and Goodyear? Does ‘Finch’ end with them dead or alive? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happens to Jeff and Goodyear?

Jeff and Goodyear are both initially seen as highly dependent on their master, Finch. Whereas the pet dog is regularly fed by Finch, who constantly scavenges for food, the clueless Jeff has no idea about how the world works and is slowly taught the basics of survival from its creator. Therefore, when Finch dies, the fates of his two companions seem to be hanging from a thread. However, Jeff and Goodyear persevere and decide to continue the journey that Finch started them on.

Hence, at the end of the film, Jeff and Goodyear reach the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, which Finch always dreamed of seeing. The two seem to have become friends and even leave a photograph of themselves with their former master on the bridge’s massive collage of notes left by survivors. Jeff and Goodyear therefore eventually become “survival buddies.”

Are Jeff and Goodyear Dead or Alive?

From the film’s closing scene, it is apparent that things end with Jeff and Goodyear alive and well. They are last seen walking down the Golden Gate Bridge, with the former excitedly telling that latter a story. Hence, Finch’s plan of the two of them surviving together seems to be working, at least so far. However, for Goodyear to continue to survive with Jeff’s help, a few crucial factors are at play.

Firstly, since Finch has taught Jeff the basics of scavenging for food and medicines, it seems like the robot will be able to provide for Goodyear. Also, Finch has selected their destination after careful consideration, and San Francisco is seen to be a relatively hospitable environment where the sun doesn’t burn anyone who is exposed to it. Therefore, Finch has also mitigated one of the most dangerous factors against survival by sending his pet and robot to a place where the ozone layer has not been depleted.

Lastly, to show just how intricately Finch has planned for when he’s not around, it is revealed how he has installed a magnetic can opener in Jeff’s chest. Unable to open a can of dog food, the robot is surprised when the can is automatically sucked into his chest and opened. Therefore, Finch has done a lot to ensure his pet and its caretaker’s wellbeing, and it seems like Jeff and Goodyear will continue to survive. Though not elaborated, it is hinted that Jeff is built to be highly durable and energy-efficient, so its survival seems sufficiently assured. Additionally, because Jeff is programmed to prioritize Goodyear’s safety above all else, the loyal canine’s survival also appears to be in good hands.

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