What Is Aldo Comas’ Net Worth?

Netflix’s ‘First Class‘ is a reality series that follows a well-to-do group of friends in Barcelona, Spain. Through the show, the viewers get to see the friends indulge in over-the-top fashion and lavish and outrageous parties, among other things. Every member on the show has a knack for spending outrageous amounts of money on the things they like and living their lives to the best of their capabilities. However, just like any friend circle, this is one is not free of its own share of drama.

With their unique personalities, the stars on the show have garnered a significant following. One such presence on the show is Aldo Comas, who is easily the life of the group. His eccentric personality and constant pranks keep the laughs going and have made him a favorite among the viewers. Many of his admirers are curious about how the charming artist able to sustain his lifestyle and how much is his net worth? Well, here are all the answers they need!

How Did Aldo Comas Earn His Money?

Born in 1985, Aldo Comas’ family comes from a line of merchants from the Spain-France border, where they ran perfumery establishments. The reality star went on to study at the prestigious Collège Alpin Beau Soleil. Given his varied background, Aldo has acquired several skills over the years. Aldo made his debut as a painter in the summer of 2020 with the blessing of his patron, Fiona Ferrer.

When it comes to choice in art style, Aldo focuses on contemporary art pieces. He credits his Catalan environment and the cultural heritage of famous Spanish artist Salvador Dalí as the motivation and steering force behind his work. According to Aldo, his works depict his perspective on political and social happenings seen through the lens of an unconventional upbringing and the artist’s eccentric and chaotic lifestyle. The reality star has his own farm studio on a farm in Barcelona.

Aldo is also known for his work within the entertainment industry. He has shown off his acting side in ‘La que se avecina’ and ‘Intereses mundanos Bar Mut.’ The artist has also worked as a director and writer for ‘The Curse,’ a 2012 short film. other notable shows that Aldo has appeared in include ‘Àrtic’ and ‘Bestiari il·lustrat.’ In fact, after he completed his studies at the university, Aldo established his own production company called Cilantro Films. Apart from his various artistic skills, Aldo is also a skydiving instructor and owns a company called Skydream Factory. This is easily an extension of his love for the thrill that comes from jumping off heights.

On June 29, 2013, Aldo Comas married the beautiful and talented Macarena Gómez in the church Sant Miquel de Fluvià, located in the eponymous municipality. The couple has a son together and is known for their eccentric and original styling choices whenever they attend an event. Their clothes are certainly over-the-top and show off their considerable wealth and unique fashion sense. Since you know about Aldo’s background and the means through which he earns money, you must be curious to know exactly how much he is worth, and we have just the answer for you.

Aldo Comas’ Net Worth

Aldo Comas’ ability to sustain his luxurious lifestyle can be attributed to his wealthy family background, his career as an artist, and his presence within the entertainment industry. With various business ventures that the reality star owns and his work as a skydiving instructor, his ability to spend lavish amounts of money makes even more sense. In all, Aldo Comas’ net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

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