Aleeza Ben Shalom’s Net Worth: How Rich is the Jewish Matchmaker?

If there’s only one word we can ever use to describe Aleeza Ben Shalom, it would have to be incredible owing to the way she has helped over 200 couples meet and marry in the last decade. After all, that’s when the relatively secular turned ultra-Orthodox Jew had kickstarted her career as a dating coach, a matchmaker, and a soulmate clarity expert exclusively for her community. So now, if you simply wish to learn more about her, her background, her career trajectory, her current services, as well as her net worth as of writing, we’ve got the necessary details for you.

How Did Aleeza Ben Shalom Earn Her Money?

Although Aleeza was raised by non-traditional parents in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she often attended summer camps in Israel as a teen to better understand her complex heritage. It was thus there she felt a religious spark for the first time, which continued expanding even while she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Pittsburgh. Therefore, since she admittedly didn’t have any career aspirations, she took up time after graduation to really focus on her personal goals of practicing faith, settling down, and having a family.

The truth is Aleeza actually accomplished all these in the years to come, but she did so while also serving as the Vice President of her husband’s Metropolitan Drapery and Blinds company. However, everything changed by the time 2011-2012 rolled around as the married mother grew desperate for “some adult interaction,” driving a friend to suggest she try matchmaking as a job. The family woman did subsequently look into this, unaware that it would soon lead her to take courses and obtain certifications before establishing her own business, Marriage Minded Mentor.

As the name suggests, this organization comprises Aleeza and her team of trusted experts as they help Jewish singles find their forever partners while also offering personal coaching sessions. “I was [never just] matchmaking,” the ‘Jewish Matchmaking’ star recently revealed. “I was coaching. I was supporting. I was [my clients’] everything. I was their best friend who happened to be a matchmaker and started guiding them through the process. The online matchmaking process led organically into the coaching and mentoring process, and people grew to know me and trust me.”

Though since then, Aleeza has even honed her skills and expanded her wings to evolve into a soulmate clarity expert, a public speaker, an author, a podcaster, as well as an Israeli resident. In fact, the entire Ben Shalom family relocated to Pardes Hanna around late 2020 or early 2021 upon realizing it was the best move for not only her business but also for them to make Aliyah. As for the other aspects, the ‘Get Real, Get Married: Get Over Your Hurdles and Under the Chuppah’ (2013), plus ‘Virtual Dating: Your Guide to a Relationship in a Socially Distanced World’ (2020) author currently co-hosts ‘The Yentas’ as well as the ‘Matchmaker, Matchmaker’ podcasts.

Aleeza Ben Shalom’s Net Worth

From what we can tell, apart from being a marriage facilitator whose services range from $1,000-$9,000 per potential suitor depending upon the client’s criteria, Aleeza offers a lot of other courses/packages as well. These include the Soulmate Clarity package at $997, Mystery In Your History Report at $37, Dating Detox at $97, and 40 Days of Connection at another $97. So, upon combining these with her decade-long experience, books, podcasts, and appearances in various media publications over the years, we believe Aleeza’s net worth is close to $5 million as of writing.

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