What is Andrea Arlington’s Net Worth?

Although not much is publicly known about Andrea Arlington’s background or growing years, it is no secret she began her professional career at quite an early age and never once looked back. She has thus held many titles over the years, including in entertainment — so now, if you wish to learn more about her career trajectory as well as overall net worth, we’ve got the details for you.

How Did Andrea Arlington Earn Her Money?

Andrea was merely 14 when she eagerly stepped into the spotlight for her first paid job as a fashion model, only to reportedly quickly make a name for herself both nationally and internationally. Whether it be L’Oreal Paris, Pepsi-Cola, Harve’ Benard, Horchow, Miller Lite, Sears, Montgomery Ward, JVC Corporation, or Avia Electronics, she actually modeled for them all at one point or another.

As if that’s not enough, Andrea also did lingerie shoots for brands like Playboy as early as a 16-year-old, just to soon evolve into a television actress by undertaking a few “sexy roles” on sitcoms. However, after leading a comfortable life for years, things changed drastically once her union with cinematographer Mikel Neiers (‘Friends’ and ‘Spin City’) came to a sudden end.

Andrea did land some small jobs in the subsequent years, but they simply weren’t enough to support her growing daughters or the lavish, extravagant lifestyle she’d cultivated alongside them. The fact she reportedly still placed a lot of focus on beauty treatments as well as weight loss also affected their entire household, ultimately leaving her with no choice but to file for bankruptcy.

The former model then started attending The Church of Religious Science and decided to pursue a path of Ministry, which has since apparently done wonders for every aspect of her life. Andrea did have a controversial stint in E!’s ‘Pretty Wild,’ a reality series profiling her family’s antics as well as daughter Alexis’ criminal association, yet it soon only pushed her down the right track. She was also a producer here.

After all, when the network didn’t renew the show for season 2, her third marriage ended, and she realized she didn’t have a close bond with her girls, Andrea began her journey of self-discovery. This was back in the early 2010s, following which she gradually managed to repair her familial connections as well as successfully focused on building a brand through her past experiences.

In other words, Andrea is not only a public speaker but also an online course curator whose goal is to help clients heal their toxic relationships, be the best version of themselves, and cultivate realities with manifestation. For this, the certified Life Coach actually runs the Life Reset Corse alongside her eldest Alexis, proudly serves as a Daring Way Facilitator, and is a Family Recovery Coach.

Andrea Arlington’s Net Worth

Considering Andrea’s long-standing occupation as a public figure, her passion for making healing jewelry, and her goal of educating others on the power of affirmations, it appears as if she has managed to build a stable life for herself. The fact she recently earned a Doctorate in Consciousness Studies, appeared in Netflix’s ‘The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist,’ and is working on a memoir entitled ‘Revelations of a Bad Mom’ ostensibly plays a role in all this as well. Therefore, according to our best estimates, the Religious Science & Spirituality Minister’s net worth is close to $4-5 million as of writing.

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