What Is Chad Johnson’s Net Worth?

Image Credit: Chad Johnson/Instagram

Netflix’s ‘Selling Tampa‘ offers a fantastic window into the lives of several high-profile real estate agents working for the Tampa-based Allure Realty Agency. While Sharelle Rosado owns and operates the Realty Agency, she has been supported throughout by her fiance and ex NFL player, Chad Ochocinco Johnson. The show even documents their heartwarming relationship and shows how Sharelle and Chad’s loving bond played a hand in her success. However, if you are wondering what Chad Johnson’s net worth might be, we come bearing answers!

How Did Chad Johnson Earn His Money?

Chad Johnson knew from a young age that he wanted a career in football and hence began playing competitively while in college. In 2001, he stepped into the NFL when the Cincinnati Bengals chose him in the second round of the Draft. Armed with his skills, dedication, and desire to be the best, Chad began his rise to the top, carving out his own space in the football circuit. Chad was soon considered a top player, and he reportedly even made the Pro Bowl team six times.

Chad remained with the Cincinnati Bengals for 10 years before being let go in 2010. Subsequently, eager to sign up a player of his stature, the New England Patriots offered him a contract in 2011. However, his stint with the Patriots did not last long, and by June 2012, Chad was playing for the Miami Dolphins. However, in 2014 he decided to sign up with the Canadian Football League. Unfortunately, Chad’s CFL career never took off, as he appeared in just five games during the 2014 season. Apparently, the only other match Chad appeared in was in 2017 when he played with the Monterrey Fundidores against the Saltillo Dinos.

Besides his football career, Chad involved himself in other projects, including co-design and releasing the iPhone game Mad Chad in 2010 and lending his voice to EA Sports’s NFL Street 3. Moreover, the ex-NFL player is no stranger to reality TV as apart from selling Tampa, he has appeared on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and had his own dating show called ‘Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch.’ Additionally, he has endorsed several popular brands throughout his career, including Reebok, GoDaddy, and Zico.

Chad married Evelyn Lozada on July 4, 2012. However, cracks developed in their marriage, and the two ended their relationship with a heavily publicized divorce on September 19, 2012, which is believed to have affected Chad’s total net worth. On the other hand, sources further suggest that Chad is the father of seven children from six different women, for whom he has to pay quite a significant amount of child support. Moreover, he got into trouble for allegedly not paying the court-mandated child support in 2012.

What Is Chad Johnson’s Net Worth?

Considering his successful career and numerous moneymaking ventures, we can conclude that Chad Johnson has managed to amass an estimated net worth of around $15 million. Chad further confirmed the amount when he appeared on a November 2021 episode of the ‘Full Send’ podcast. Moreover, with him now engaged to Sharelle Rosado, a successful realty firm owner and reality star, the value is expected to rise in the coming years.

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