What is Colony Reeves’ Net Worth?

Offering an authentic glimpse into the lives of the fierce, passionate, and empowering real-estate agents of Allure Realty in Florida, ‘Selling Tampa’ brings both luxury and drama to our screens. The firm in itself is minority-owned and minority-run, so it also prides itself on representing what truly matters, which agent Colony Reeves reiterates by admitting that she was “often the only person who looked like me” at her former workplaces. Now, if you are curious to know more about Colony, her career trajectory, and overall net worth, we’ve got the details for you.

How Did Colony Reeves Earn Her Money?

From what we can tell, with a desire to be in the spotlight while providing for herself and her family, Colony Reeves was pretty young when she started to work. That is why she made the shift from dance recitals and beauty pageants to modeling, meaning that while all of her school friends played outside during their free time, Colony practiced or went to different auditions and castings. She didn’t particularly feel like this was her calling, though, leading her to attend the University of South Florida before settling for a preschool teaching post, only to quit it soon after.

Worried about where she stood in her professional life, Colony went to her parents crying, which is when her father suggested that real estate could be a good option for her. After all, not only did he have some basic knowledge of the industry as an investor, but he also believed that Colony’s self-confidence, energy, and understanding of the Tampa region as a native would help her achieve wonders. Well, he was right as Colony learned that she loved helping others buy and sell properties as an investment or as their forever homes, driving her to work hard and truly succeed.

In late 2017, Colony started working as a Licensed Realtor for Century 21 Beggins Enterprises, only to leave and unite with Allure Realty in 2019. She’s actually one of the original real estate agents of the firm and also the first to completely close a deal under them, which makes Colony an integral part of the company and its proceedings. The fact that she has stayed consistent and is still one of the top realtors also plays a role in the case and ensures that her earnings remain significant. Colony’s work ethic, vibrant personality, kindness, and loyalty are undeniable.

What is Colony Reeves’ Net Worth?

Colony Reeves’ commission is almost always 3% (with a recent 80-20 split with the brokerage), but since Allure deals in multimillion-dollar estates, it still comes out to be in the five or six-digit figure. However, it appears as if the 30-year-old Real Estate Concierge’s only source of income is that charge, which she possibly manages to make when her contracts closed.

Considering all the aforementioned aspects, along with her lifestyle expenses as well as her limited experience, Colony Reeves’ estimated net worth is close to $700,000, as of writing. Though, this number is only bound to rise, especially as she’s now a cast member of a Netflix original reality series.

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