What is Alexis Williams’ Net Worth?

A spin-off of ‘Selling Sunset,’ ‘Selling Tampa’ stays true to its brand by exploring some of the most beautiful estates with the help of some of the most fierce agents. This time around, though, the series follows Allure Realty, an all-black, all-female real estate firm that aims to dominate the Suncoast and set an example for those who look and feel just like them. Amongst these determined realtors is Alexis Williams, who, as we see, is both confident and passionate about her work. So now, let’s find out more about her professional life and estimated net worth, shall we?

How Did Alexis Williams Earn Her Money?

Born in mid-July 1991, Alexis Williams is a Polk County native, familiar with not just that area, especially Davenport and Auburndale, but also Orlando and Tampa. That indicates she has a good understanding of the different neighborhoods and their surroundings, which, in turn, helps her determine whether a client would be the right fit for a particular property there or not. The Santa Fe Community College graduate thus seems pretty knowledgeable about her industry, despite the apparent hiccups that we witnessed in the Netflix original, which may be because of work-life imbalance.

It appears as if Alexis Williams only started working as a full-time realtor about two years before she joined Allure Realty in October 2019. Yet, since then, she has proven her worth, along with the fact that she specializes in communicating with the buyers and sellers to keep them updated throughout the entire process. She not only listens to the needs and demands of all parties but also tries her best to ensure that they get precisely what they want. Savvy negotiations and cutting-edge marketing strategies are also two aspects that Alexis has begun to focus upon to expand her portfolio and range.

What is Alexis Williams’ Net Worth?

From what we can tell, Alexis Williams’ price range has only been between $146,000 and $430,000 recently, so if her commission is the average 3%, it makes her earnings $4,380-$12,900 per house before brokerage cut. If there’s consistency, then these numbers don’t make a big difference, but if there isn’t, it can affect a lot of aspects of any agent’s life.

With that said, taking the 30-year-old’s experience into account, as well as her struggles when it comes to balancing her personal and professional life, it’s no surprise that her estimated net worth is $400,000. Nevertheless, her appearance on ‘Selling Tampa‘ essentially guarantees that this amount will climb over time.

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