What is Karla Giorgio’s Net Worth?

Replete with luxurious estates, million-dollar deals, and lavish lifestyles, Netflix’s ‘Selling Tampa‘ brings fierce working women to our screens in a manner like never before. After all, it follows the personal and professional lives of the high-profile agents working at Allure Realty, an all-Black, all-female real-estate firm down in Tampa, Florida. Amongst them is Karla Giorgio, who is known in the industry for her tenacity and desire to furnish complete satisfaction to buyers and sellers alike. So now, if you wish to learn about her career and net worth, we’ve got the details for you.

How Did Karla Giorgio Earn Her Money?

Although Karla Giorgio was born in Caracas, Venezuela, she mainly grew up in Orlando, Florida, where she learned the importance of hard work from her single mother. Thus, by the time she was 11, she was fascinated with the concept of hustling and had even started trading snacks in school. From there, she developed some essential skills, and at 16, Karla began her career in sales by joining her stepfather’s automobile dealership. The job seemingly gave her a push to pursue a career in the field for good, and thus, Karla went on to earn a Business degree from Valencia College.

Karla received her real estate license sometime after her formal education was over in 2008. She then worked at eXp Realty for about four years, following which she joined PHP Agency, Inc., serving as a Licensed Insurance Agent. The Licensed Real Estate professional has been working with Allure Realty since late 2019.

From Davenport to Miami Beach and Windermere to Winter Garden, Karla has property experience in all the regions, making her a one-of-a-kind agent with extensive knowledge. That, combined with her confidence in her abilities and roots, is why she’s an asset for any organization she works for. It’s also no secret that Karla knows what she is doing, meaning her rough patches are just that, patches.

What is Karla Giorgio’s Net Worth?

From what we can tell, Karla Giorgio is wholeheartedly dedicated to her role at Allure Realty, a top-notch luxury real-estate firm that deals with properties worth millions of dollars every day. Therefore, despite the 80-20 split with the brokerage, her 3% commissions are almost always in the five or six figures, as made clear in the Netflix original itself.

It also doesn’t seem like Karla earns a steady paycheck from the company to hang her license with them, suggesting that her salary is mostly her commissions, which probably still hits well above the average annual city salary of top earners — $139,400. In other words, as of writing, Karla’s Giorgio’s net worth is estimated to be at least $800,000.

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