What is Living+ in Succession? What Are the Other Departments of Waystar RoyCo?

In the fourth season of HBO’s ‘Succession,’ Logan’s passing leaves a void in Wasytar RoyCo, which is currently being filled by his sons, Kendall and Roman Roy. The sixth episode sees Kendall launching Living+, an ambitious new project amidst the uncertainty of Waystar’s sale to GoJo. With Kendall promising to bundle several of Waystar’s products with Living+, viewers must be curious to learn more about the project and the company’s other assets. In that case, here is everything you need to know about Living+ and Waystar’s other departments in ‘Succession.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Kendall’s Vision For Living+

Living+ is a product of the Waystar RoyCo introduced in the sixth episode of ‘Succession’ season 4. Before his untimely passing, Logan Roy was working on launching Living+ as one of the elite housing projects in the country. However, after his death, Logan’s sons, Kendall and Roman Roy, became co-CEOs of the company. In the sixth episode, Kendall and Roman are working on the launch event for the project. Kendall takes a drastically bold direction with his pitch for launching the real estate project by essentially branding it as a tech product with a subscription model.

In his presentation during Investor’s Day, Kendall announces that Living+ will not only provide its subscribers with safety, serenity, and entertainment but also give them access to modern technology and health-related products capable of improving life expectancy. Thus, Kendall essentially makes “eternal life” one of the biggest selling points of Living+. Kendall’s vision for Living+ differs from Logan’s as the latter wanted to market it as a cruise ship experience but on land. However, Kendall’s vision received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the investors. Kendall also pushes the revenue projections for the project to ensure Lukas Matsson is priced out of a potential deal to buy Waystar RoyCo.

Other Waystar RoyCo Departments

Waystar RoyCo is a global media conglomerate established by the Roy family patriarch Logan Roy. It started from a humble and small-scale print and advertising business run by Logan’s uncle, which Logan expanded into a global empire. Aside from Living+, the company has several other divisions contributing to its success, revenue, and multi-billion dollar valuation. Among the various divisions under Waystar RoyCo, the most prominently featured one is the news network ATN.

ATN is headed by Logan’s son-in-law and Shiv Roy’s husband, Tom Wambsgans, and is known for its conservative political reporting. ATN has several subdivisions, including ATN Channel, ATN Business Network, and ATN Digital. The streaming services – ATN Citizens and ATN International, ATN Audio, and ATN Books are also a part of the ATN hub, which was Logan’s personal passion. The media network side of the business also includes the digital platform StarGo. The other prominently featured division of Waystar RoyCo is Brightstar Cruise Lines. It offers luxury cruise experiences to customers mainly in the Caribbean, and its main office is located in Florida. The cruise division has been embroiled in scandals Kendall exposed in the second season finale.

Similarly, Brightstar Adventure Park, a chain of theme parks and resorts, is also mentioned several times in the show. Waystar Studios is a Hollywood-based film production studio owned by Wastar RoyCo. It is known for producing blockbuster projects and is considered among the most valuable assets of the conglomerate. Wasytar owns several print media entities, including The New York Globe, The Correspondent, The Cincinnati Standard, and The Chicago Daily. Apart from these primary businesses, Waystar also acquired Vaulter, a digital media brand, and owns North Star Publishing, a book publishing brand. Under Logan Roy, Waystar also ventured into video game console and telecommunications markets. However, these subdivisions do not have any individual names.

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