What is Raquel Leviss Net Worth?

Image Credit: Raquel Leviss/Instagram

With a prominent presence in Bravo’s ‘Vanderpump Rules,‘ Raquel Leviss is a household name with a huge fan following. Given her captivating looks, charming personality, and social skills, it is easy to see why the reality TV star has become so well-known. However, people are impressed with the lifestyle that Raquel seems to enjoy on the show. This has led many to wonder about her career and how rich the television celebrity is. If you are in the same boat, worry not because we are here to find the answers you need!

How Did Raquel Leviss Earn Her Money?

After completing her schooling, Raquel became a student at Sonoma State University, located in Rohnert Park, California. While there, she pursued an education in Kinesiology, emphasizing Pre-Occupational Therapy. In 2020, she shared her plans regarding pursuing further education with the public. “My plan is to still go to grad school and get my degree in Occupational Therapy. And that is the direction that I still want to go into. Even though it’s taking me longer than expected. But I am just enjoying my time now. And living out my L.A. life until I’m ready to move on with that career,” she explained on ‘The Daily Dish.’

Raquel has also revealed an interest in interior design and thinks it is something many people might not know about her. Her first introduction to the world was through the Bravo series, given her role as Server at SUR Restaurant & Lounge. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she had to leave the establishment behind. This did not stop the reality TV icon from going after what she wanted, and she quickly established a career of her own.

Though she had always been a part of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ since season 5, it was in the show’s tenth iteration that Raquel became a part of the main cast. Additionally, she works as a model and is known for taking part in various photo shoots. In 2022, she collaborated with co-star Lala Kent and launched an eyeshadow palette called “Bambi-Eyed B—h.” Moreover, she has over 453 thousand Instagram followers, who are always eager to support the reality TV star in her various ventures.

Raquel Leviss’ Net Worth

To understand just how rich Raquel is, we must consider her income from different sources. Reports suggest that a primary cast member of the Bravo series earns around $15,000 per episode, with each season having about 20 episodes. Moving over to Raquel’s role as a social media influencer, a creator with a following for her size likely makes about $250,000 per year. We must also keep her modeling career in mind, as a model of her caliber would earn bout $200,000 annually in Los Angeles, California. Combining all these factors, we estimate Raquel’s net worth to be around $3 million.

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