Vanderpump Rules Cast Net Worth, Ranked: Who is the Richest?

Image Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Bravo’s ‘Vanderpump Rules‘ is a captivating spinoff series of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ that first aired in 2013. Revolving around Lisa Vanderpump and those within her business circle, the show provides viewers with a fascinating insight into the thriving industry of restaurants and bars. The various cast members on the show enjoy a certain amount of fame due to their entertaining presence within the reality series. Their extravagant lifestyle depicted in the show has many people wondering about how wealthy these reality TV celebrities are. Luckily, we are here to explore the same!

11. Charli Burnett – $2.3 million

Despite her brief stint as a primary cast member of the Bravo series, Charli Burnett has amassed a large fan following. Presently, she works as a model and is a server at SUR. Charli also provides grooming services under Burnett Beauty, including facials, waxing, lash lamination, and much more. For her modeling ventures, she is affiliated with Bella Agency. Keeping these factors in mind, we believe Charli Burnett’s net worth to be approximately $2.3 million.

10. Raquel Leviss – $3 million

Since becoming one of the main cast members of the Bravo series in season 10, Raquel Leviss has earned numerous admirers. As of writing, she has over 453 thousand Instagram followers, who are all eager to see what the reality TV star has in store for the future. Besides her work within the television industry, Raquel is a well-established model and has partnered with Lala Kent for an eyeshadow palette. We estimate Raquel Leviss’ net worth to be around $3 million.

9. Brock Davies – $3.8 million

Having established himself as a familiar face in the Bravo show, Brock Davies has no shortage of fans. With over 124 thousand Instagram followers, the reality TV personality is a successful businessman. His company, Homebody, allows people to access live streams of various health and wellness classes from some of the most well-known internet creators in the field. Presently, he serves as the Founder and CEO of the brand. We estimate Brock Davies’ net worth to be around $3.8 million.

8. Ariana Madix – $4 million

Apart from her reality TV appearance, Ariana Madix is known for her business skills. In fact, she is the mind behind brands like Drink From Home and Something About Her. Besides, the television star is known for her acting skills and has appeared in projects like ‘Dirty Dealing 30’ and ‘Dead End.’ Additionally, she and Tom Sandoval launched their book in December 2019, titled ‘Fancy AF Cocktails: Drink Recipes from a Couple of Professional Drinkers.’ Given her various sources of income, we estimate Ariana Madix’s net worth to be around $4 million.

7. James Kennedy – $4 million

With an undeniable passion for music, James Kennedy’s career within the industry has undoubtedly been successful. The reality TV star is a popular musician and DJ whose fans cannot get enough of his work. James is often seen promoting his various shows and is even known for showcasing his DJing skills at SUR. He also has over 534 thousand followers on Instagram, who are happy to show their support for his latest ventures. Given his highly successful career as a musician, we believe James Kennedy’s net worth to be about $4 million.

6. Katie Maloney – $5 million

Unlike most of her fellow cast members, Katie Maloney has not stepped into the business industry as of writing. That is not to say that the reality TV star has not explored her talents, as she is a passionate musician. Katie has a podcast called “You’re Gonna Love Me” and an Instagram following of over 1.2 million followers. Considering the various sources of income she has at her disposal, we believe Katie Maloney’s net worth is around $5 million.

5. Scheana Shay – $5 million

Scheana Shay, famously known just by her first name, is a server at SUR Restaurant & Lounge, which has helped her gain limelight as a reality TV star. Her time on the Bravo series garnered her a large fan following with over 1.3 million admirers. Additionally, Scheana is the owner of her own business Viva Verano and a podcast host for ‘Scheananigans.’ Combined with her earnings from various television appearances, we believe Scheana Shay’s net worth to be about $5 million.

4. Lala Kent – $6 million

If there is one person who has successfully turned her name into a brand, it is Lala Kent. Under the brand Give Them Lala, she has launched various business ventures, primarily in the beauty industry. Furthermore, Lala has an eponymous podcast and has launched a book under the same name. She is active within the entertainment industry, having been a part of ‘Out of Death‘ and ‘The Estate.’ In short, the reality TV star’s wealth is nothing short of impressive; we estimate her net worth to be around $6 million.

3. Tom Schwartz – $8.8 million

Since his initial days with SUR, Tom Schwartz has grown his brand by leaps and bounds and is now a highly successful man in the hospitality industry. He is one of the owners of Tom Tom Restaurant & Bar and helped establish Schwartz and Sandy’s. Not just that, Tom is one of the minds behind Toms’ Good Lovin. The company produces handmade bourbon whiskey that one cannot help but covet. Keeping his numerous ventures in mind, we estimate Tom Schwartz’s net worth to be about $8.8 million.

2. Tom Sandoval – $9 million

Alongside Tom Schwartz, Tom Sandoval plays a crucial role in the operation of Tom Tom Restaurant & Bar. He is one of the minds behind Schwartz and Sandy’s and works with his Bravo co-star on behalf of Toms’ Good Lovin. However, Sandoval has not limited himself to the hospitality industry as he is also the main force behind the musical band known as Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras. Moreover, he joined forces with Ariana Madix to write ‘Fancy AF Cocktails: Drink Recipes from a Couple of Professional Drinkers.’ With so many sources of income, we believe Tom Sandoval’s net worth to be approximately $9 million.

1. Lisa Vanderpump – $90 million

Last but certainly not least, we have Lisa Vanderpump. The reality TV icon joined ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ and is the main face of ‘Vanderpump Rules.’  These are far from her only contributions within the entertainment industry, as she has appeared in various television shows over the years. Although, most of her fame and wealth come from her work within the hospitality industry.

Having once worked as a designer for various restaurants in London, UK, Lisa is now a highly successful business owner. Her ventures include SUR Restaurant & Lounge, Pump Restaurant, and Tom Tom Restaurant & Bar, all based in California. She is one of the minds behind Vanderpump Wines and Very Vanderpump. Given her highly successful business model, we believe Lisa Vanderpump’s net worth to be about $90 million.

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