What Is the Alien Claw in Invasion? Why Does [Spoiler] Throw It Away?

In ‘Invasion,’ humanity doesn’t know much about the invading extra-terrestrial species. The four protagonists don’t even know that Earth has been invaded by otherworldly beings until episode 5 when the US President goes on TV and announces the news. In episode 6, through a close encounter between an alien and Aneesha Malik’s (Golshifteh Farahani) family, it is revealed that standard human weapons don’t work on the aliens. However, it seems that the mysterious artifact that Aneesha’s son Luke (Azhy Robertson) found, which the military refers to as the Claw, can inflict damage on them. Desperate to protect her family, Aneesha picks it up on a whim and stabs the attacking alien with it, becoming probably the first person to kill an extra-terrestrial. If you are curious about the Claw or the artifact, we got you covered.

What Is the Alien Claw in Invasion?

Like the invaders, the Claw is obviously extra-terrestrial in origin. The aliens in ‘Invasion’ function like a hive, communicating through a particular frequency or channel. When he has seizures, Casper can tap into this channel and learn what the aliens are planning. He can even control them with his mind. Similarly, the ripples that appear on the Claw whenever it is close to an alien or one of their designs are part of the same frequency.

The Claw has a corrosive effect on alien designs, including the black substance they keep spreading, presumably for terraforming. The vibrations it emits can corrupt the original frequency so drastically that Earth-based compounds, which previously had no effect on the substance, can cause complete structural disintegration in its presence.

When the news of its existence spreads across the shelter where Aneesha and her family are staying, people suddenly become hostile. The government sends the Malik family to the Pentagon with an escort. But they are ambushed on their way by people trying to take the Claw. All members of the escort are killed, and Ahmed sacrifices himself so that his family can get away. Later, Aneesha uses the anti-frequency of the Claw to make a path for herself and her children through a concentration of the substance.

The Claw is bound to play an important role in human resistance in the coming seasons. If scientists can find a way to create copies of it, they can prove to be a potent weapon against the enemy.

Why Does Luke Throw the Alien Claw Away?

The Claw seems to have a corruptive effect on even humans in its proximity. Luke tends to go into these trance-like states while handling the Claw. However, he throws the Claw away not because of what it does to him. He did it because it caused his father’s death. The people that hunted them earlier wanted the Claw. Ahmed knew that despite what they promised, there was a chance that they would kill his family and take it from them. So, he shouted a warning to Aneesha before they shot him.

Dealing with the grief of losing his father and believing that the invasion has ended for good, Luke throws the Claw away. However, Luke immediately senses that something is coming and looks up at the sky. He then finds the Claw, and ripples are already appearing on it, indicating that the aliens are back.

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