What Is the Cost of Hiring Sima Taparia?

Netflix has been coming up with new, out of the box, dating reality series’ for a while now, but its newest addition, ‘Indian Matchmaking‘ has broken all bounds. Instead of the boring, uncertain, and tedious dating routine that gets followed by individuals when they use dating apps, here, with the purpose of finding a partner and eventually getting married, Indians living in different parts of the world enlist the services of Sima Taparia, a matchmaker who specializes in arranged marriages.

She may call herself a “marriage consultant” or compare her job to that of doing God’s work, but the truth of the matter is that she is a matchmaker through and through, one that is extremely good at her job. Having first-hand experience of being in an arranged marriage herself and then being at the front and center of the industry for years, she is well-known in her profession and has expanded her business from Mumbai, India, to not just the States, but to Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, Hong Kong, Thailand, and the UK as well.

Can Sima Taparia Be Hired as a Matchmaker?

Sima Taparia may have started connecting people as a hobby, but after she garnered massive success and felt like she was on cloud 9 after every positive outcome, she started building her business, Suitable Rishta (you can check out its website here) from the ground up. Initially, her focus was just on Marwari families, but now, as she has globalized her work, she has opened up the playing field for individuals from other castes and backgrounds as well. But, for now, her business offers services to Indians/South Asians only. Since she specializes in Desi arranged marriages and has to deal with not just the single clients but their families as well, she has become an amazing leader and mediator.

The method seems simple enough. Once her company is contacted by a client and they figure out that they are genuinely serious, they start the whole process of matchmaking. First, they gather all the important information, from photographs to relevant documents regarding citizenship, education, and jobs, to the assessment of lifestyle and home, they do it all. After that, when the client is saved into their database and tells them about their specific preferences, Suitable Rishta starts filtering out potential partners from the ones already in their list. If both sides meet each other’s criteria and agree to go further, they set up the initial meet.

What is Sima Taparia’s Cost of Matchmaking?

A typical Indian online matrimony costs close to $100 for 3 months of service. The cost rises manifold if you are looking for personalized matrimony service. While Sima also offers personalized matrimony service, her clients are either upper-middle class or rich. Also, Sima has turned her business international and has been serving families in the community for years. So we can safely assume that she is much more expensive than typical matchmakers. Considering everything, the cost of hiring Sima Taparia could be in the range of $2000 to $5000.

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