What is the Meaning of Bupkis Title, Explained

Image Credit: Heidi Gutman/Peacock

Peacock’s ‘Bupkis’ is a comedy-drama series centering on the life of actor-comedian Pete Davidson. Co-created by Davidson with Judah Miller and Dave Sirus, the series shines a light on Davidson’s personal life and intimate self in contrast to the coverage he receives in the tabloids. The narrative also doesn’t shy away from poking fun at some of Davidson’s life choices while telling a highly fictionalized account. Given the narrative’s focus on Davidson, the title seems like an odd choice for a show about the comedian’s life. Therefore, viewers must be looking for the meaning behind the title of ‘Bupkis.’

Bupkis Has a Funny Meaning

‘Bupkis’ is a highly fictionalized version of actor and comedian Pete Davidson’s life. The series explores the effect of being a public figure on Davidson’s personal life and his personality while he portrays a fictionalized version of himself. The narrative features broad strokes of humor, action, and drama, delivering an erratic tone that perfectly encapsulates the absurdity of Davidson’s life. The same is true for the show’s title, which sounds even more absurd than any of the events the show depicts. Moreover, the title is also included at the end of the opening disclaimer, reminding the viewers the show is a work of fiction.

Image Credit: Heidi Gutman/Peacock

However, the title’s meaning is rather simple and pokes fun at the show’s frequent self-indulgent style. The word “Bupkis” originates from the Yiddish language, spoken mainly by Ashkenazi Jews. Bupkis comes from the Yiddish word “Bobkes” and is a common Jewish slang in North America. However, it has been used more widely in recent years. Bupkis can be simply translated to “nothing” or “whatever.” As a result, the show’s title directly equates to amounting to nothing. Davidson, who was raised in a Catholic family, is part Jewish from his father’s side. As a result, it makes sense for the actor-comedian to dive into his Jewish heritage to derive the show’s title.

Although the title’s literal meaning is “nothing,” it holds some personal and professional significance to Davidson. Firstly, Davidson revealed that the term comes from his paternal grandfather, who used it all the time when Davidson was young. Hence, it seems like the title honors Davidson’s grandfather. The show also explores Davidson’s relationship with his grandfather, albeit his maternal grandfather. Nonetheless, the title is a nice way to honor Davidson’s Jewish heritage and relationship with his grandfathers.

Secondly, ‘Bupkis’ does not have an overarching narrative, and most episodes are standalone, linked only through Pete’s character arc. Hence, as the title suggests, the show is about nothing. It follows Pete as he explores the ups and downs of being a public figure and copes with the consequences of his actions. Another famous show focusing on a fictionalized version of a comedian is ‘Seinfeld.’ Co-created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, the series features a fictional version of the latter and is famously known as the show about nothing. Hene, ‘Bupkis’ can be interpreted as a reference to the hit show.

Ultimately, ‘Bupkis’ is a simple show that thrives upon the authenticity of its lead star and co-creator. Therefore, the title is a fun and simple one without much depth when inspected on the surface level. However, the show reminds viewers to cherish the smaller joys of life and takes on a more mature form of storytelling. Hence, the title’s meaning itself is reflective of Davidson’s comedic style.

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