What is the Meaning of Causeway Title?

‘Causeway’ is a drama movie directed by Lila Neugebauer. It follows Lynsey (Jennifer Lawrence), a soldier recently discharged from the army after an explosion. As a result, Lynsey returns home and recovers from her traumatic experiences. She meets James in the process, and the duo forms an unlikely friendship. The heartwarming relationship between the duo forms the movie’s emotional core while the narrative explores some complex themes. Given the relatively little mention of the movie’s title in the story, viewers must be curious to learn about its meaning and significance. If you are looking for answers about the ‘Causeway’ title, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Causeway Meaning and Significance

‘Causeway’ follows Lynsey, a soldier deployed in Afghanistan who gets caught up in an explosion. She suffers from severe brain injuries and returns to her home in New Orleans to recover from the trauma. In the city, she meets James, a mechanic who has his own dark and traumatic past. Given that the movie’s primary theme is trauma and its effect on individuals, ‘Causeway’ seems like an odd title. A Causeway is generally described as a road or path that is built higher than the area around it to cross water or wet ground.

The word is first mentioned in the movie, almost midway through its taut 92 minutes runtime. During one scene, James and Lynsey are hanging out, and the former speaks about the accident that cost him his leg. James reveals that he was driving his sister, Jess, and nephew, Antoine, over a causeway. However, their car met with an accident and caused Antonie’s death. Before the drive, James had a couple of beers and allowed Antonie to sit in the front seat despite him requiring a child seat. As a result, James is wounded and emotionally traumatized by the incident.

Hence, the film’s title directly ties into the overarching theme of the narrative. The film comments on the traumas of Lynsey and James without diving deep into the exact details of their pasts. Therefore, the characters appear in an empathetic light, and their flaws become relatable. As the narrative progresses, Lynsey and James form a warm friendship that comforts them as the receiver of their respective traumas. However, neither of them is able to move forward in life by shedding their past and overcoming the emotional wounds of their traumas. Hence, the film’s title can be interpreted as a reference to the characters’ struggle to find a way forward in life.

Throughout the film, viewers see various scenes of Lynsey swimming, which can be equated to her psychological issues. In contrast, a causeway is a bridge that allows Lynsey to cross the water body without going through the wetness. The former soldier shares a similar connection with her past, and several scenes imply that Lynsey needs to move forward and forget about the past incidents. However, she insists on returning to the army. In the end, Lynsey accepts her condition and decides to work on her psychological issues with James’ help. The film ends with James and Lynsey reinstating their friendship. Thus, the ending highlights that Lynsey and James’ friendship is the causeway that will lead the duo past the depths of their traumas and into a better future.

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