What Kind of Hat Does Raylan Givens Wear in Justified City Primeval?

FX’s ‘Justified: City Primeval’ serves as a sequel to the original ‘Justified,’ which first aired on FX between 2010 and 2015. Seven to eight years have passed since the events of the ‘Justified’ finale. When the sequel miniseries opens, Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) is still a Deputy Air Marshal in Miami, Florida. While visiting Detroit, Michigan, to deliver two small-time criminals that try to steal his car, Raylan draws the ire of a local judge. After the said judge is killed, Raylan joins the investigation to convict his killer, Clement Mansell, or “The Oklahoma Wildman” (Boyd Holbrook). Raylan is almost always seen with his hat in both the original series and the sequel. If you are wondering what kind of hat Raylan wears, we got you covered.

Raylan Givens Wears a Stetson Beaver Fur Cowboy Hat

Raylan’s hat is very much an integral part of him as a character and a lawman, adding supplementary layers to the show’s neo-Western themes. Raylan wears a Marshall hat by Stetson, a reportedly hand-modified, ranch tan-colored, 6X cowboy hat made out of beaver fur. It has a basket weave embossed leather hat band, held together by a three-piece buckle.

Speaking to Uproxx about his return as Raylan Givens about eight years after the conclusion of the original series, Olyphant remarked that the “hat still fits.” In his career, Olyphant has portrayed a number of prominent lawmen. In the HBO series ‘Deadwood,’ which originally aired between 2004 and 2006, Olyphant portrays Seth Bullock, a hat-wearing sheriff and co-owner of Star & Bullock Hardware. Bullock is based on the real-life Canadian American frontiersman, business proprietor, sheriff,  and politician by the same name, who also served as a US Marshal at one point. Olyphant also portrays Cobb Vanth, a character that interestingly has monikers such as “The Sheriff” and “The Marshal” in the ‘Star Wars’ universe. Vanth uses the Mandalorian armor of Boba Fett for a while to maintain order in Mos Pelgo, a “Freetown” on Tatooine.

In a 2011 interview with Women’s Health, Olyphant reflected on why he was drawn toward characters with hats. “I trust you’re referring to my part on ‘Deadwood,’ but I’ll have you know I also wore a cowboy hat in a beach scene with Jennifer Garner in ‘Catch & Release,’ he said. “With Raylan, there’s something about the kind of man who won’t go into a house without being invited but will give someone 24 hours to get out of town before he kills them. Men like those characters.”

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