What Was Norm Macdonald’s Net Worth At the Time of His Death?

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Norm Macdonald was a stand-up comedian, actor, and writer who rose to prominence in the 90s with his regular appearances on the late-night sketch comedy show ‘Saturday Night Live.’ Born to Ferne (née Mains) and Percy Lloyd Macdonald, Norm spent much of his early life in Quebec City, where he studied at the Quebec High School. In the 80s, he started regularly performing in the Canadian national comedy club chain named Yuk Yuk’s, and it didn’t take him long to establish himself as one of the most talented comics in the Great White North.

Following his appearance at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, Norm went on to appear in ‘Star Search’ before getting hired on the sitcom titled ‘Roseanne,’ serving as a writer. However, he was soon offered his career-defining job in ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and the rest is history. Norm fell in love and reportedly married Connie Vaillancourt in 1988. However, they later got divorced in 1999, as per reports. Since Macdonald preferred to keep his personal life under wraps, it is still unclear why the couple parted ways.

During their time as a married couple, Connie and Norm welcomed a son named Dylan in the early 90s. Dubbed as one of the greatest comics of all time, Norm passed away after a long battle with cancer on September 14, 2021, leaving behind a rich legacy that will continue to inspire future comedians. Since he was so widely known, people may wonder what Norm Macdonald’s net worth must be at the time of his passing. However, before we get to that, let’s have an overview of his career.

How Did Norm Macdonald Make His Money?

After being cast as a member of ‘Saturday Night Live,’ Norm worked there for five years, during which he hosted the Weekend Update segment. In his career-defining stint in the late-night live television sketch comedy series, the Canadian comic was involved in almost 100 episodes in which he performed various roles and was also a part of the writing staff. When he was told to leave in 1998, Norm argued that his controversial jokes on O.J. Simpson led to his sudden exit. However, he later claimed that his history of rubbing then-NBC president Don Ohlmeyer the wrong way was the real reason for his ouster.

However, by the time he left the NBC series, he had already made a name for himself and has appeared on shows like ‘The Larry Sanders Show,’ ‘NewsRadio,’ and ‘The Drew Carey Show.’ Norm had also starred in the 1988 comedy film ‘Dirty Work.’ In 1999, he got his own sitcom titled ‘The Norm Show,’ which ran for over 50 episodes and garnered mixed reviews from viewers and critics. In 2013, he started his own weekly free audio and video podcast titled ‘Norm Macdonald Live.’ He followed it up by releasing a Netflix show called ‘Norm Macdonald Has a Show.’

Apart from being a talented comic and writer, Macdonald was also a sought-after voice actor who had lent his voice to numerous characters in his decades-long career. Some of the well-known movies he has worked in included ‘Dr. Dolittle,’ ‘The Adventures of Panda Warrior,’ ‘Klaus,’ and ‘The 7th Dwarf.’ The Canadian comic also wrote a best-selling memoir titled ‘Based on a True Story: A Memoir,’ which was published in 2016. Now that we have a good idea of his career. Let’s have a look at his net worth.

Norm Macdonald’s Net Worth

Norm Macdonald’s net worth at the time of his death was estimated to be around $3 million. The legendary comic listed his Santa Monica condominium for sale at $2.2 million in 2015, which he had previously bought for $1.75 million in 2008. He also reportedly purchased a property in Playa Vista for $750,000 in 2015.

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