When and Where Does Forgotten Love Take Place?

Netflix’s ‘Forgotten Love’ is a heartwarming tale of love and fate. Based on the novel ‘Znachor’ by Tadeusz Dołęga-Mostowicz, the period romantic film tells the story of Rafał Wilczur, a professor of surgery who loses everything from his family to his memory, his job, and his riches. Unaware of his past life, including his beloved daughter, he wanders here and there under the name of Antoni Kosiba. However, the one thing that still stays with him is his surgical skills. Even without advanced tools and equipment, the former professor helps and treats injured people who come across his way.

During one such event, Rafał once again crosses paths with his daughter, Marysia, 15 years after they got separated. While the father and daughter do not recognize each other, they still end up forming a bond that changes their lives. The Polish film, directed by Michal Gazda, features compelling performances by Leszek Lichota, Maria Kowalska, Ignacy Liss, Anna Szymanczyk, Izabela Kuna, Mikolaj Grabowski, and Miroslaw Haniszewski. The movie completely immerses the viewers in its world with its gripping narrative set in a bygone era. Due to the same reason, our viewers might be wondering when and where the events of ‘Forgotten Love’ actually take place. If you have a similar question in mind, we have got you covered!

When Does Forgotten Love Take Place?

‘Forgotten Love’ takes place in the 20th century, in the decades of 1920s and 1930s. The film begins sometime in the 1920s, though the exact year is not mentioned in the film. In the initial scenes, Rafał Wilczur is seen working as a surgeon with his colleague Jerzy Dobraniecki. The timeline focuses on his work ethic and his conviction toward his profession, which results in his promotion to the position of chief surgeon. Simultaneously, the initial sequences also demonstrate Rafał’s troubled marriage with his wife and his heartening relationship with his little daughter.

However, the film soon takes a leap of 15 years after Rafał’s wife leaves him and he is attacked by goons, which results in him suffering from amnesia. The timeline then shifts to the 1930s and the rest of the events take place in the subsequent months. The film beautifully captures the essence of the era. With its realistic costumes and sets, the movie takes the audience back in time by almost a century. From chariots to vintage cars, several props are utilized to bring back the old-world charm. As per reports, the costume designing team of the project imported authentic costumes from warehouses in London, Madrid, and the Czech Republic to truthfully portray the lives and realities of the people of the time.

Where Does Forgotten Love Take Place?

The premise of ‘Forgotten Love’ is set in Poland, particularly in the city of Warsaw and in the fictional town of Radoliszki. Rafał Wilczur is seen as an accomplished surgeon based in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. He works at a clinic in the city and lives in a huge mansion with his wife and their daughter. However, after the night of the fateful attack, his life turns upside down. With no identity of his own, Rafal starts wandering from village to village and takes on the name of Antoni Kosiba.

15 years later, fate brings him to the fictional town of Radoliszki, where his daughter has also settled after the death of her mother. The town plays an important part in the film. From the mill to the local bar, every spot located in the town takes the narrative forward by bringing different characters together and driving a change in their dynamics. The Polish culture represented in the film, both in Warsaw and Radoliszki, further gives an authentic touch to the story and resonates with the audience. By the end of the film, the narrative once again moves to Warsaw, where a satisfying conclusion of the events takes place.

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