When Will Dr. Bell Return to Chastain? Did Bruce Greenwood Leave The Resident?

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The fifth season of FOX’s medical series ‘The Resident’ follows Dr. Randolph Bell’s fight against multiple sclerosis (MS). The diagnosis stops him from operating on patients and with the support of his partner Dr. Kit Voss, he makes incredible progress with his recovery. In the fifth season finale, Bell and Kit get engaged and they celebrate the occasion with their colleagues. However, Bell is still dealing with MS, which keeps him far away from Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. Naturally, the viewers must be wondering whether Bell will return to the hospital. Is his absence an indication of Bruce Greenwood’s departure from the show? Let’s find out!

When Will Dr. Randolph Bell Return to Chastain?

In the fifth season finale, Bell gets cleared to perform surgery. But he is worried about risking his patients’ lives by performing the surgeries when he hasn’t completely recovered from MS. He also gets engaged with Kit as they decide to do it spontaneously. In the sixth season premiere, Bell is away from Chastain as he is getting treated for his MS relapses. He informs Kit that the new antibody the doctors have been trying on him is showing incredible results as it is reducing relapse rates. Even though Bell is currently not in Chastain, his return to the hospital as a surgeon cannot be ruled out considering the positive results of the antibody.

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Having said that, Bell’s possible return may not be necessarily as a surgeon. He may return to Chastain to associate with Dr. Devon Pravesh, who is conducting a clinical trial, associating with MS patients. “[…] he [Devon] also has very serious medical stories because he runs the clinical trials, and those factor in a number of ways throughout the season. They ultimately factor in with Bell and his MS, which is a very big story for Devon,” co-creator Amy Holden Jones revealed to Hollywood Life. Thus, it is possible that Bell’s return to Chastain is imminent but not necessarily as a surgeon. We may see him collaborating with Devon for the latter’s clinical trial and helping Kit deal with the newly elected governor of Georgia, Mark Betz.

Did Bruce Greenwood Leave The Resident?

No, Bruce Greenwood did not leave ‘The Resident.’ Since Greenwood’s Bell doesn’t appear in the second episode of season 6, especially after a very brief appearance in the season 6 premiere, the viewers must be alarmed about the actor’s commitment to the show. However, Greenwood is still a part of the show and we will even see Bell and Kit’s wedding in the 100th episode of the show, which is the sixth episode of season 6. “It’s [episode 100] a bang-up episode and, of course, features the wedding of Kit and Bell that we’ve all been waiting for, which has to be different from the other weddings we’ve seen,” Amy Holden Jones revealed in the same Hollywood Life interview.

In addition, we may see more of Bell in the episode on the medical front as well. “It [episode 100] also involves a big medical story for Bell. It has a lot of stuff going on leading up to the wedding,” Jones added. Jones’ words confirm that we haven’t seen the last of Greenwood’s Bell in the show yet. The actor is also spotted at the filming location of the milestone episode. Since neither FOX nor Greenwood hasn’t released any announcement regarding the actor’s supposed departure from the show, we can be hopeful that we will see Bell even after the 100th episode of the show.

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