007: Road to a Million Was Shot in Iconic Bond Locations

Amazon Prime Video’s ‘007: Road to a Million’ is an adventurous reality game TV series that follows nine pairs of regular and ordinary people who are chosen to embark on a James Bond-inspired global adventure, participating in extraordinary physical tasks that also take a mental toll on each contestant. Each pair has an intense mission on their hands — get through some of the most difficult challenges and uncover hidden questions that are scattered in different parts of the world.

The contestants’ physical and mental efforts are not for nothing as they all get a shot at winning a life-changing sum of $1,000,000, as the title suggests. Serving as the Controller is the ‘Succession‘ star Bryan Cox, the one who strategically keeps the 10 questions hidden all across the globe. The adventurous challenges take the contestants as well as the viewers on a globe-trotting journey, making many wonder about the actual locations where ‘007: Road to a Million’ is filmed.

007: Road to a Million Filming Locations

‘007: Road to a Million’ is filmed in different parts of the world, mainly in some of the iconic ‘James Bond’ locations, including Scotland, Italy, Brazil, Turkey, Chile, Jamaica, and Switzerland. According to reports, principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the reality series seemingly took place around the summer of 2022.


One of the many stops that the production team of ‘007: Road to a Million’ makes during the shooting schedule is Scotland, where they lens many important scenes. The villages of Torrin, situated on Scotland’s Skye island, and Torridon serve as a couple of prominent filming sites. The contestants also participated in challenging tasks in the village of Kinlochleven, which is located in Lochaber, in the Scottish Highlands. Lying between the mainland mountains and Skye is the Applecross Peninsula where the filming unit shoots a few key portions.

Moreover, specific Scottish sites such as Castle Stalker and Lochcarron Garage are turned into film sets as well. While the former is a four-storey tower house in Argyll, Lochcarron Garage is a car service station situated at Ros Shire, A896, Lochcarron in Scotland’s hamlet of Strathcarron. 


Several Italian locations also serve as prominent production sites for ‘007: Road to a Million’ as the contestants compete against each other in a series of physical tasks. Besides the major cities of Venice and Naples hosting the shooting of the game show, numerous important sequences are also taped in the town of Gravina in Puglia AKA Apulia, the city of Matera, and the city of Monza in the Italian region of Lombardy.


Additional portions of ‘007: Road to a Million’ are also recorded across the South American country of Brazil. The filming unit sets up camp in the lush green Amazon Rainforest, which covers a large portion of northwestern Brazil. In the city of Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana Beach, which is considered one of the most famous beaches in the world, also serves as a shooting location for the competition series. The locales of the city of Manaus and Caverna Do Maroga also feature in the backdrop of various sequences. 

Istanbul, Turkey

For shooting purposes, the production team of ‘007: Road to a Million’ also traveled to the Turkish city of Istanbul. Apart from the possible establishing shots of the city, they shot multiple exterior portions on the streets of Istanbul. Thus, you are likely to spot a number of local landmarks and cultural attractions in the backdrop, including the Bosphorus Bridge, Ortaköy Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and the Maiden’s Tower.


Image Credit: Jemma Cox/Prime Video

The shooting for a significant portion of the James Bond-based reality series also takes place in different sites across Chile, including the Atacama Desert. Given the challenging tasks of the show, it is only fair that the filming unit takes the production to some dangerous locations as well, such as Lascar Volcano, a stratovolcano within the Central Volcanic Zone of the Andes in Chile. Apart from the village of Toconao, multiple scenes for ‘007: Road to a Million’ are also taped in and around Cerro Dominador Solar Power Plant, which is situated in the Chilean commune of María Elena. 


The Caribbean island nation, Jamaica, also hosted the production of ‘007: Road to a Million’ as Bryan Cox and the rest of the crew take over a wide range of locations across the country, including the capital — Kingston. Jamaica represents the fictional Caribbean island of San Monique in the show, just like in ‘Live And Let Die.’ Various other Jamaican sites appear in the backdrop of numerous scenes, including the city of Port Antonio, the town of Ocho Rios, and Saint Elizabeth Parish. The luxury hotel Goldeneye also serves as one of the key filming locations as well. 

Alps, Switzerland

Image Credit: Jemma Cox/Prime Video

A few portions of ‘007: Road to a Million’ are also recorded in Switzerland, especially around the Swiss Alps. Located in the Alpine region of Switzerland, the scenic Alps make for a major national feature that is known all around the globe. Tourists can indulge in several sporting activities, including skiing, snow-sled biking, snowboarding, downhill snow mountain biking, and more.

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