Where and When Does Love Is In the Air Take Place?

Netflix’s ‘Love is in the Air’ is a romance drama that follows the story of Dana, an airline pilot whose business is stumbling because she is more focused on helping the community rather than using her business to make a profit by commercializing it. By taking this moral stance, she wants to honor the memory of her mother, who started the venture with this philanthropic idea in mind.

However, the times have changed, and the finance company that put its money into the airline now sees it as an unprofitable part that needs to be cut off, lest they bleed more money through them. This is where William comes into the picture. He is sent to shut down the business, but his experience there changes everything. If you want to know more about the story, its timeline, and where it takes place, we’ve got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD

Where Does Love is in the Air Take Place?

The primary setting for ‘Love is in the Air’ is Far North Queensland. Dana and her family run Fullerton Airways in the small town and provide supplies to the nearby island. Their visits to the island, where they take mail and other stuff to and fro, are the only way for the islanders to stay in touch with the mainland. This is why Dana pays more attention to them and their needs rather than chartering the flight to tourists. These islands, as they appear through the aerial view we get during Dana’s flights, are the Whitsunday Islands.

While the name of the town might be fictional, the movie has been filmed in real locations in Queensland. Most of the filming took place in Queensland’s Whitsundays, with Airlie Beach being one of the key locations. The resort town becomes the small community of Fullerton, where Dana lives and thrives. This is also where the film’s crew found the location to film the hangar scenes at Whitsunday Airport (Shute Harbour).

While the Australian location is the main focus of the story, some part of it takes place in London. This is where William lives and works with his father for his company. He is caught up in the dream that his father has and wants to make him proud. But it’s when he leaves behind the hustle and bustle of London and goes to Dana’s small town in Australia that he realizes what he truly wants from his life.

When Does Love is in the Air Take Place?

The events in ‘Love is in the Air’ take place over a week. The film is set in contemporary times, as is evident from the fashion, vernacular, and technology used by the characters. The plot is put into motion when a deadline is put over the fate of Fullerton Airlines. In Australia, Dana thinks she can continue using the airline for the greater good of the community, and it doesn’t matter if they are not making off-the-charts profits. Whatever they are making is enough to get by, and that’s alright.

In London, however, William’s finance company has other plans. When he takes a look at the finances, he realizes that Fullerton Airlines is one of the most unprofitable branches of the company and is costing more money than it’s worth. If it’s cut off and whatever remains is salvaged and sold for a reasonable amount, they can use it to solve other issues. His father is impressed by his analysis and gives him one week, within which he has to go to Australia, shut down the branch, handle the sale and salvaging, and come back just in time for the board meeting. However, within this week, William’s whole world changes when he falls in love with Dana.

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