What Happened to Charles Cullen’s Ex-Wife and Daughters?

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As a crime drama film that chronicles the horrific saga of serial killer Charles Cullen through the eyes of his co-worker/friend/downfall Amy Loughren, Netflix’s ‘The Good Nurse’ is simply riveting. That’s because it doesn’t sensationalize his actions but rather focuses more on the human experience of it all — the aim? To underscore the complex way he impacted more than just his victims. So, since the production did also carefully remark upon the nurse-turned-murderer having an ex-wife as well as two (then) young daughters, let’s find out a little bit more about them, shall we?

Who Are Charles Cullen’s Ex-Wife and Daughters?

It was back on June 7, 1987, when Charles Cullen tied the knot with Adrienne Taub following a short courtship that had reportedly begun while he was still in nursing school — he graduated in 1986. The couple then actually stuck around in their home state of New Jersey, where they soon welcomed two children into their lives; Shauna in late 1987, followed by Saskia three years later. However, public records indicate the family had genuinely crumbled apart by the time 1993 came about owing to his “unusual behavior” and “extreme cruelty,” driving Adrienne to file for a divorce.

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Charles was not only distant, easy to anger, and unsupportive, Adrienne asserted in the filing, but he was also prone to bizarre as well as abusive conduct like physically harming their two dogs. She openly accused him of spending hours in the basement just beating their Yorkshire terriers in the name of “training” — “I was awakened many nights by the screams of these dogs,” she wrote. Then there’s even the claim the then-professional nurse once zipped up one of them in a small bowling ball bag for urinating in the house, which he simply couldn’t allow, forgive, or easily forget.

Adrienne further indicated her husband was essentially an innately dangerous man by requesting a restraining order, citing several incidents surrounding their domestic life and two daughters. She alleged he’d previously left their girls with a babysitter for an entire week, burned one of their books in the fireplace, acted strangely at home, and spiked other people’s drinks with lighter fluid. Yet, his argument that she was merely exaggerating and the fact he’d never actually hurt a family member led to the order being denied. Their divorce was thus finalized on December 7, 1994, with Adrienne having physical custody but Charles still having all the joint rights as a parent.

Charles Cullen’s Ex-Wife and Daughters Prefer to Stay Away From Limelight Today

When Charles’ heinous truth ultimately came to light in December 2003, Adrienne was seemingly leading a stable life in Roselle Park, New Jersey, alongside their daughters Shauna and Saskia. That’s where reporters apparently hounded her in the hopes of landing an exclusive, only to be shunned away since her top priority was protecting her then-adolescent girls from any negativity. “You can imagine what we are going through,” Adrienne said in her sole statement back then, right before closing the door for good. “Leave my family and children out of it. I have nothing to say.”

Coming to their current whereabouts, the truth is Adrienne, Shauna, and Saskia have all preferred to stay well away from the spotlight, meaning we regrettably have no precise details on any of them. Nevertheless, we should mention it’s possible that Adrienne continues to reside in Roselle Park, where she has managed to create a completely different life for herself thanks to familial support. As for her two girls, now in their 30s, considering the way neither of them shows up on any public records, they may have legally changed their names to move on for good.

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